HISD Together with Tech Student Conference

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2019 Together With Tech Winners


1st Bellaire High School

Financial Literacy Apphttps://investorprep.weebly.com/

2nd Bellaire High School

Fresh Food App – Collecting Food before it is thrown out and distributing it in food deserts.

3rd Challenge Early

Connect App – Consolidated resource app for parents and students.

Engineering A Solution

1st Energy Institute High School

Improving Transportation Efficiency in Houston

2nd Worthing High School

Hydroponics - Going Green, Eating Green and Saving Green. Students presented a project of how to bring food into the Sunny Side community.

3rd Eastwood Academy

Safe Pedestrian Crossing Project

Digital Voice

1st Chavez High School

Anti-Bullying Campaign (physical and digital campaign)

2nd DeBakey High School

Autism Awareness Campaign and App creation

3rd Kinder HSPVA

Sexual Assault Awareness Campaign (https://outofthecourtroom.weebly.com/)


The third annual "Together with Tech Student Conference" will be held on April 6, 2019. This website contains information about the competition, the expo, event details, opportunities for sponsorship, and much more.

Students will use the online HUB course designed for their campus, titled HISD Tech Summit. The course will guide students throughout their project development. Our high schools are eager to participate again this year!

Students will choose one of the three topics and answer the guiding question in which they can create digital media, build a prototype, or code an app. The primary objective of this conference is to encourage our future Global Graduates to use technology in a manner that positively impacts their communities and others.

Global Graduates Creating Digital 21st Century Solutions

The Mind.Body.Soul of Houston