T-Mobile Hotspot Donation

Attention Administrators

T-Mobile has provided the district with a donation to provide free internet access for two years to middle school students (grades 6 - 8) who currently do not have high-speed internet at home. The district has partnered with T-Mobile to provide over 4,000 internet hotspots to qualifying middle school students enrolled in HISD. Eligibility to receive a hotspot is determined by each school's administration team.

The district will begin distributing hotspots to campuses after the holidays beginning in January 2019. Ed Tech members will contact schools to schedule a date and time for delivery. To identify your Ed Tech Specialist, click here. Here is a one-pager that provides information on best practices, tips for distributing devices to students, and who to contact for device support.

As a reminder, parents and students are not financially responsible for the donation. Each campus is responsible for the distribution of devices, proper usage, as well as ensuring devices are returned at the end of the school year.

Please feel free to contact Kristy Sailors at Kristy.Sailors@houstonisd.org for any concerns. We are excited to provide this opportunity to HISD students.

Student Information

Students, in grades 6 - 8, without internet service at home, can check out hotspots for educational purposes only by contacting their school administrator. Each school has different eligibility requirements. Please contact your school administrator to see if you qualify.

What do you get?

  • Students will receive 3 GB/month of free high-speed data.
  • Examples of what students can do with 3 GB per month:
    • Watch 480 minutes or 8 hours of video
    • Visit 240 web pages
    • Send 300 emails

Instructions for Connecting Hotspot

Student WiFi Loan Agreement

See school administration for a copy

(if applicable)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions