A Word from Principal Lira

Hello, Eastwood Family!

These are unprecedented times and I am so thankful to serve a community as loving, compassionate, and understanding as you all. Thank you all for bookmarking this Eastwood@Home site. I hope you find this site resourceful and easy to navigate as we begin the school year virtually.

We have been preparing for the virtual learning environment all summer long, but I’m certain there are some details we may have left out or overlooked. Please be patient with us and please reach out to give your feedback periodically. It is from experience and mistakes that true learning and growth take place.

I encourage you to visit each tab within this website so that you can become familiar with the different resources available to our families throughout the remote learning period. We have lots of information like contact information for all of our staff members, technology support protocols, and even a sign up sheet for doing the Daily Announcements!

Thank you for being an actively engaged member of our Eastwood Family. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns arise during the virtual learning period.


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