Cluster 7S Info

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please complete the contact information survey at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

The 7S Cluster Dues will be put towards Enrichment Activities & Events, T-Shirts, and Field Trips. The fees are due by 9/27.

Please sign up for chaperone opportunities for the 2018-2019 school year.


April 2019

  • 4th - Grades Due by 4pm (Teachers)
  • 5th - Progress Reports #7 Go Home
  • 9th - STAAR Writing
  • 10th - Houston Zoo Field Trip
  • 25th - Grades Due by 4pm (Teachers)
  • 29th - Progress Reports #8 Go Home

May 2019

  • 13th - STAAR Math
  • 14th - STAAR Reading
  • 15th - Main Event Field Trip
  • 16th - San Jacinto Battle Ground Field Trip

Welcome to the Cluster 7S information page

Here you will find information about our cluster policies and expectations as well as our weekly newsletter and assignments, due dates and assessment dates.

This should be your initial go to page when you have questions about any of our classes. If you need further assistance PLEASE contact the teacher.

Datron Harrison (Science/Cluster Leader)

Jennifer Valero (Texas History: Individuals and Societies)

Hilary Wellinghoff (Literacy: Language and Literature)

Bao Le (Math Teacher)

Additional Study Lab Teacher: click on the teacher name below to go to that teachers web page.

Shyrell Hobson

Ava Askew

Gary Keese


  • Paper Towels
  • Kleenex (tissues)
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Clorox Wipes
  • Band-aids