About Us

We're an organization at Bellaire High School that includes talented photographers, designers, a marketing team, and storytellers. This 320 page project runs throughout the year and is completely student run, everything from start to finish.

Our yearbooks have won numerous state-wide and nationally recognized awards. Not only do we provide a top-quality book at the end of each school year, but we also provide photography and design services to all who request them.

2017-2018 Editors-in-Chief

Alisa Lu, Thalia Rigney, Allison Schachter​

2017-2018 Head Photographers

Mona Mirpour, Jacqueline Perez

2017-2018 Productions and Design

Skylar McAuliffe, Kaylie O'Connell, Saaj Patel, Benedictus Utama


Joe Holloway