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The Matinecock Court Residential Community is a limited equity co-op to be built in the 14.5 acre parcel at the corner of Elwood Rd and Pulaski Rd in East Northport. The community will have 146 units, all 100% affordable, and is expected to be completed in 2025.

Latest Updates and FAQs - March 25, 2024

Matinecock Court Residential Community Updates (Español)

March 25, 2024

(Please stay tuned for more updates in 2024)


The Matinecock Court development, a 100% affordable community, broke ground this past summer and will bring to East Northport 146 units in a gated community.

How can I apply? Is there a waiting list?

The lottery will open six months prior to completion of the construction at which time the application will be available online. There will be a significant amount of outreach when the marketing process begins. Several local and civic organizations will have applications to hand out to applicants. There is no waiting list.


When will it be ready?

The construction is slated to be finished in mid-2025. Please keep in mind that while the construction is going at a very good pace, there are factors, like weather, that cannot be controlled.


What type of building will it be?

Matinecock Court will have 17 two-story buildings housing 146 residential units of which 18 are one-bedroom, 89 are two-bedroom, 38 are three-bedroom and two-bedroom unit for the superintendent. Eight units are slated for residents with developmental disabilities, and four are reserved for U.S. Veterans.


What type of development is it?

Matinecock Court is a limited equity co-op. Residents will be shareholders in the cooperative corporation. As shareholders, they pay a monthly maintenance fee.


How will the application process work?

Applications will go through a random selection process and will be based on income requirements.


What are the income requirements?

The HUD Affordable income requirements change every year. It is expected that the income levels will be between 60% and 80% of the area median income for Suffolk County. The final numbers will be confirmed with the lottery announcement. More information on 2024 HUD affordable income guidelines can be found here:


What are the prices?

Maintenance amounts have not been determined yet. The final numbers will be confirmed with the lottery announcement.


Do I have to be a Huntington resident to apply?

No. There is no locational preferences.


Will all units be open for everyone?

The eight (8) special needs (I/DD) units will come from a separate list that will be maintained separately by Young Adult Institute, Inc. the supportive service agency. The four (4) U.S. Veteran units in addition to the 15 units for those households with a mobility impairment and six (6) units for those households with a hearing/visual impairment, will come off of the general list of applicants but will have a priority for occupancy for those units. The unit for the Superintendent will be occupied by that position.


Are Pets allowed?

No Pets allowed.


Are Service Animals allowed?

Yes. A service animal is a working animal, not a pet. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines a service animal as any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability. New York's service animal law applies only to dogs, not other animals.  


What features will the units have?

Energy star appliances including microwave, dishwasher, in-unit washer and dryer, broadband internet access and bulk storage.


Will the community have play area/sports courts?

Yes, the community will have a sports court, which won’t be designated for a particular sport. The project will also have numerous play areas.


Will the community have green spaces?

The community will have lawn areas throughout the entire property.

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