RATA 2018

Rata is in the hall!!!

After months of waiting, we have moved into our new learning environment the Hall.

Kowhaiwhai Art

Rata’s Kowhaiwhai

In Rata we started looking at kowhaiwhai patterns, we were very interested and decided to make some of our own. First we made paper ones then we had a choice to paint our own design on a piece of wood or make one on the computer. I chose to make one on a piece of wood because I thought they looked more interesting. First we coated them in a white paint so that it wouldn’t look brown when they were done. The next day we drew on our design with pencil and then started painting, we used the traditional colours

Ratas amazing kowhaiwhaiSplat splat ‘arrrrrr my favourite cardigan, why does painting have to be so messy’ I wonder. Right now you are listening to me getting frustrated over getting paint on my Cardigan. I also am painting my kowhaiwhai pattern. You see, I always get messy when I am painting it’s not my fault it just happens!!!! Right now in Rata we are actually just trying to make kowhaiwhai panels. You see this all started when we started to research about what a kowhaiwhai is and we found out that they are patterns that were made to tell stories/legends and sometimes about ancestors.
So we started to try experimenting with shapes and made a miny kowhaiwhai pattern with paper. Next we decided to try and make a wooden kowhaiwhai pattern. (Some of us used the google drawing to make a kowhaiwhai pattern). I actually made a kowhaiwhai panel out of wood. We first painted a long plank of wood white for the base colour and designed our kowhaiwhai pattern (we also wrote what the different kouros represent) Then made sure that the start of our pattern would have a gap big enough so all the kowhaiwhai panels can connect. But wait right now I am just going to relate to the beginning, we actually had to use the colors white black andred sadly the red did get on my cardigan by Tallulah!!!!!!!

Ratas Awesome Kowhaiwhai Adventure

Hello readers I am going to tell you about the creative adventure of our kowhaiwhai patterns in Rata.Our teacher Mr.T told us to Google and find out what a kowhaiwhai was in maori culture. I got into a pair & started researching on the chromebook. My buddy and I couldn't find much information about what a kowhaiwhai is,but we did discover that they are patterns used by the maori and polynesian to represent cultural legends. Mr.T then told us that we would be creating our own piece of kowhaiwhai art throughout the week. I was so excited about this. I got started right away and shot off to grab my book. I got started planning my kowhaiwhai pattern out. I wanted mine to represent symmetrical patterns. So after I planned it out,I shot to claim a chromebook. After that I speed all the way back to my desk and got to work straight away to create my kowhaiwhai pattern.I am am finding it a little difficult on trying to find out how to make a google drawing. Good thing Ollie just helped me.so I started with my korus which also turned out to be pretty difficult. Ended up making one koru,I still have a long way to go till completion. A few minutes later I found out that you can color in drawn objects with the polygon feature. It was super easy It took me only four minutes to complete my kowhaiwhai pattern. I sent it to Mr.T and edited the background for some details and then I was done.

The Wonders of WATER!


Helping out with Athletics

Some buddy reading

Every Thursday the excitement builds up to explode and has to be repaired on Friday morning. This excitement is because we can see Mahoe coming down from room 7. We share reading and writing. For reading we share chapter books and you learn to read books. After sharing reading and writing we play games like Ultimate tag and paper scissors rock.

Swimming 2018

‘‘Yay!’’ Going to school, and it’s a beautiful day.Then “ POW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA! It’s swimming and you forgot your togs!FEEL THE PAIN!!!!’’A random person slams the huge sign in your face. ‘But I’m already halfway to school.’’ You complain to the demon who told you. ‘ That’s why you shall feel the pppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’’What a good start to your day!

You get to School and phone your parents. Your mum Gets your togs.Ok. Not a perfect start. ‘Everybody line up or swimming’ The teacher declares. Screams and Shouts fill the court. After what seemed like forever we get on the bus. It’s a Double decker. Yes! ‘ Room 9 and room three on top!’ Mr H mumbled. Rata sped up to the top. Me and Holly sat next to each other. Holly sat in the Window.The bus was demolished in Chatter. I can just imagine the poor bus drivers eye twitching uncontrollably.

Once your at the swimming pool the bickering quiets down.Boys and girls split up into the changing rooms We get in to our belongings And we head to the main pool. We sit down on the wet seats and wait

Soon the instructors come. Their fases add up to :Tired Dead Inside Trying to look happy And why am I here I recognised a few.They didn't recognise me Swimming instructors is that they are ever fun or horrible. They called out names down they’re checklist. Once they meet your name you stand up with one thing in your mind; IT’S NEARLY OVER!Whatever your opinion, good or bad it’s ever reassuring or sad. But that's where the next problem starts.
This only happens to the unlucky. The dreaded cold pool. DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!! Dramatic music plays as a bolt of lightning lights up the pool. “Aaaaaaaahhhh” people scream in the background. Just touching

Swimming 2018

Oh Hi my name is Tom and i will be sharing our school swimming day. We do school swimming every Monday this term. It takes place at Kilbirnie pool i think it is a very successful pool because it is the main pool in wellington i guess. Its MASSIVE it has a 1,3,5,7,10 meter diving boards 1 big main pool and a preschool pool that is warm followed by another pool and another pool ,2 gyms and 3 spas and 2 saunas ITS CRAZY!. There's so much to do and in the weekends there's usually inflatables. HVS do the year ⅚ then the ¾ then ½ . We get transported by the london rose double decker bus it’s quite cool really .We take turns every trip there and swap then back. We also had southern zone swimming on the 21st of august we had a lot more kids this year which is awesome and more chances to get into interzones with other schools.

Pedal ready

By Clodagh and Holly!

I grab the handle bars and hold my breath. The lady tells us all about the bikes. I try to smile but my fear is to overwhelming. “What if I get it wrong?” I wonder. Do they put you in bike prison? Do they ban you from using bikes forever? We check our bikes using the A,B,C,D,E method. We also check our helmets next. “Now for the skills!’’she grinn’s

Everyone lines up. They tell us how to indicate. We practice constantly. I’m sooooo tired. In the end I do it. I learnt lots of valuable biking skills.


Our Production Item 2018

By Samuel, Louis, Logan & Phoenix

It was a amazing 23rd of May, the entire school was gathering like a school of sardines at Wellington High School. Children were entering through into the ginormous cinema like hall. The only noise you could hear was the clopping of feet and the chatter of people.

Then the house lights dimmed and everything went from chatter to mere silence “Thank you for coming here to see Houghton Valley School, Welcome to Haewaii” boomed Mr H through the microphone as it travelled out of the speakers. Mr H explained what will happen throughout the production. Then we all stood up and started singing We Know The Way. Holly & Lily started playing as the presenters and Mahoe did their item about godwit migration it took about 4 minutes. It was an awesome item but Samuel’s favourite was Karaka’s item about predators coming to Haewaii. After 50 minutes it was our turn and we put our costumes on. Our item was about alien traders coming to Haewaii. Our songs were I’m Blue, The Imperial March and Were All In This Together. We were awesome, Samuel said “I never wanted the production to end.”


Waka Adventure

Rata loves the Beach!!

I am, I Like, I want to be, My Favourite Art

Who Dunnit? Foresic Science in Year 5

Who stole all the Dehydrated Pineapple? We have fingerprints, A ransom note, Some fibres. How can we stole the crime?

James looking for Clues

Frankie, Luisa, Logan and Stanley Analysing Handwriting