Term 3 Week 4

This week we began experiments about water. The first was...How long will it take one litre of frozen water to thaw at room temperature?

This photo at the 1hr mark


Each class member had a guess which we put on a spreadsheet. The minimum was 1hr, the maximum was 9.5hrs


The average was 4.9hrs, the mean was 5hrs, and so was the mode. (don't know what those statistical terms mean? Look them up!)

4 hrs

Below is a pic of the room thermometer - 17 degs.


It took a lot longer than I expected it would. We had to pop it in the freezer at 3pm on Tuesday and continue on Thursday morning.






Gone at 11hrs

Some of the finished kowhaiwhai art which runs along the east wall.

A selection of the Robyn Kahukiwa-inspired art from the senior art exhibition.

Please come in and check out all the art pieces. They will be on display in the hall next week.

Term 3 Week 3

On Friday, Jackson, Gus, Isabella, Mia, William, Xander - plus Fraser and Lily from Nikau - went to EBIS for a Spelling Bee competition.

After the group events, Mia competed in the individual comp and got third place - awesome effort Mia! Thanks to Lauren and Jeremy for taking them.

So what's the meaning of the balloon stack? You will need to get your child to explain.........

Term 3 Week 2

We started on gymnastics this week. The first session was all about balance.

Springboard and steady two-foot landings were the aim here.

Walking on thick ropes, jumping mini hurdles, walking along a beam (forwards, backwards, sideways, arms out, arms in) is great for developing balance, flexibilty and fitness. Picking up objects while hopping on either leg

The English Rose bus is popular for the swimming transport.

On Friday we took delivery of our new classroom furniture. Here are the ring seats which will surround a circular whiteboard table.

High and low tables, stools and tote tray cabinets are part of the set. Some tote tray cabinets are low with squabs.

Term 3 Week 1

Ryco has been enjoying the good weather and the biking this week.

Arlo the ragdoll cat has been very happy that the students have returned to HVS.

William created this excellent bike helmet pyramid. How many helmets would be needed for a pyramid 10 levels high? Is there a formula to calculate the number of helmets needed for a pyramid of any height?

A selection of kowhaiwhai art being presented at assembly on Friday. The pieces are individual but designed to be able to be linked together in a way which flows. They will be on display in the classrooms from this week.