Term 4 Week 4

Our Community - Houghton Valley
Karaka Algebra 2018

Term 4 Week 3

Drop Cover Hold Poster

Believe it or not, this is algebra. Creating and analysing sequences or patterns of shapes, letters, numbers, colours - basically anything. This one is human. Try work out what comes next.

This is also algebra. Using letters as 'variables', in this instance paint. Using yellow (y), red (r) and blue (b) the students created their own paint charts using formulas such as 2b+2r+5y, and then gave each a creative name.

Term 4 Week 2

There was a big crowd at the Kapahaka Festival held at St Pats Kilbirnie on Tuesday.

We had about 40 students who performed four waiata/haka. They did HVS proud!

Thanks to the parents who came and helped out, but a special kapai to Whaea Monnie who not only organised the HVS group, but was the main organiser of the whole festival.

At top - Ryco and the rest of the HVS Pulleys team at the ePro8 Challenge. Below - Lola checks out some of the tech they needed to complete the challenges.

Term 4 Week 1

We have been making pompoms with Rimu to sell at next weekend's fair. This article is in the latest Cook Strait News.

On Wednesday at 12.15 we had an earthquake drill. We stayed under our desks until we were given the all-clear to walk sensibly and assemble on the bottom court.

A parent who works for Civil Defence came and talked to us about planning for emergencies and what should be in your emergency pack at home. That's her satellite phone btw, which is not a standard item in a home pack, but which she has to carry.