While discussing flight, the Year 5s had to come up with an initial definition of what flight is. Let's see if these change over the next few weeks.

Lola and Scout grouping airborne objects into categories.

Another group's sorting of 'flying' objects. Each group had a different view on the categories.

An activity from the NZ Get Writing programme had the students creating 'found poems' - a poem created by using the words from another text such as an ad or a recipe.

These found poems were created from pages of our current teacher-read book - Gareth Ward's 'The Traitor and the Thief'. Come and check them out - they're on the class wall.

Term 1 Week 5

Karaka Metaphors 2018
Metaphor poem (William)
Fingerprints Tallies

Paige reckons she's got this forensic solutions analysis sorted.

Term 1 Week 4

Yeehah! We're back in Karaka!


Each week we add another whakatauki to the slides

Mia, Lola and Ella in the galley of the vaka. It had a gas hob and oven, and the captain slept in there too. You can see the Wellington Harbour chart on the desk.

Some of the plastic rubbish under the boardwalk outside Te Papa - yuk!

Siofra and Sophie aboard the vaka, blowing the conches. It was pretty hard but they managed to get a sound out.

Term 1 Week 3


Using the gutter-boards to develop hand-eye coordination


I think the record was 26....but not this time.......

The Year 5s completed the second activity of forensics - looking at fingerprints and the different types of print - whorl, arch and loop.

Scout doing a great job of creating a set of prints. We will be examining them more closely next week and working out which patterns are most common.

The picnic last Friday was a great success and it was nice to meet up and chat informally with so many parents.

Developing movement skills on the obstacle course.

Lola thinking hard. If you want to see the art from the rest of the class, click on the 'Shout Out Art' link at the top.

Our beach trip and whanau waka sculpture activity was great. Congrats to the place-getters - Karearea, Kotare and Piwakawaka - ka pai!

Term 1 Week 2

A delicious vege quiche made by Mo, Taiso, Monet and Bana. Thanks baking team!

Lola spooning out the courgette fritters.

Playing basic facts games with cards and dice this week.

While thinking about our waka journey to Aotearoa, this long line shows all those born in Whanganui-a-Tara, Wellington

The Year 5 Forensics. Who can correctly match the handwriting???

This one looks a pretty good match, dontchathink?

And we were sure this one is a match. What do you think?

Term 1 Week 1

First baking for the year. A rosemary focaccia made by...

Lucian and Lola, holding the finished loaf. Thanks team!

It Peels, it Slices, it Cores!!!.MOV

The Year 5/6 team after an afternoon of T-ball and cricket. Pretty windy on the stumps.

I'm watching the apples on this tree near the flying fox with interest. Some cooking and baking opportunities.

We mixed up our classes and did some team building activities in the middle of the day. Co-operation and collaboration rules!

Term 1 Week 0! (Sunday)

So what's this, and what does the knob do?

And these are?

And I cut them into quarters and soak in a light citric acid solution. Why?

And put them on trays, cover and leave for 12 hrs.

What's going on?