Term 3 Week 9

Another great bake sale on Friday - thanks parents and students. We'll get the $ totalled next week.

We have one more week of swimming. There's been lots of survival skills being learned.

Omara, Eva and Xander with a delicious herb cheese loaf. It's heading into the oven...

These three lovely ladies below are NOT heading to the oven. But they have just joined the staff at HVS.

Term 3 Week 8

A great effort on the hotdog sales this week. Raising $ for the Year 6 camp.

That is one HAPPY customer!!! And the hotdog actually looks like the one in the ad.

Now what is this? Found during the beach cleanup on Saturday. A little over 1m long. Made of vinyl canvas, hollow, and inflated through a valve on the side. The other side has three pieces of Velcro so it can attach to something.

But what???........

Choccy fish to the person who can work it out!

Our fourth Cycle Aotearoa session got us onto the north end of the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

But we've had a fifth session since then and we are now just north of Huntly. Thats about 539km from Cape Reinga.

Term 3 Week 7

Lots of action going on at the pool each Monday. The instructors have said that HVS students have a high level of basic swim skills, hence the larger number of students doing water safety, kayaking and diving.


Cycle Aotearoa - Two weeks ago we decided to collectively cycle from Cape Reinga to Bluff. We cycle twice each week and record individual and class progress on a spreadsheet.


After four sessions we’re already about 40km south of Whangarei. We’ll be past Auckland but the end of the week (weather permitting). We've cycled 335km so far!

Term 3 Week 6

The road patrollers went on the Orange Day Parade today. The weather was ok - cool but not too wet - and we came third in the banner comp! Woohoo. Ewan and Oliver got a selfie with the mayor.

Term 3 Week 5

We've been writing rich descriptions of characters from the book 'Wonder' with accompanying pictures.

Wonder Character Rich Descriptions
Bake Sale 1.mov

Term 3 Week 4

Some pics from Tuesday's Sports Fest. Suavek, Jackson and Noa unleashing in dodgeball, the netball squad, and the minipolo team. Dodgeball and minipolo each came third, and the netballers beat Ngaio School. Mrs Watson has been told!

Term 3 Week 3


Maaike showing perfect technique when exiting the kayak

Up top - the plant chain gang. Left is Suavek with George the weta. Noa looks terrified - but she overcame that and had a hold later. Above is Sofia.

Term 3 Week 1

Above are the crystal trees set up in the old MED substation in Riddiford St, Newtown. Great job, Andrea Sellwood!!!

Betsy at the mic - recording a talking book Harry and Oliver prepping papier mache supports