Silver Linings Charlevoix, 501 c(3)

In 2017, the community of Charlevoix, Michigan had a dear friend, Paul Belding, who departed us. It was his dream as a lighting engineer and fisherman to have lights erected on the Charlevoix Memorial Bascule Bridge. A community initiative was formed to handle this project and out of necessity, to collect community donations, Silver Linings Charlevoix was created.

As a community minded group we have identified other projects that need our help too . The City’s Brookside Chapel Renovation project is slated next. Renovations are desperately needed so this beautiful chapel can once again be used in the capacity our ancestry intended. Moving forward it is these projects, Silver Linings Charlevoix is honored to lead these community initiatives.

And Silver Linings Charlevoix is setting a course to identify other projects and/or causes that will benefit the well-being of our community for generations to come. If you have ideas of public works that you’d like to see come to life and/or would like to contribute your skill set, please contact us.

Brookside Chapel Restoration - In Progress: Phase 2 of 4

Phase 1 has been completed. Phase 1 was the securing of the roof with metal columns and and beams. This relieved the masonry walls from the weight and corrected the bowing of the walls. A handicap ramp was also installed. Phase 2 is the restoration of the interior. Phase 3 is the development of the lower level into a columbarium. Phase 4 is the development of the park area adjacent to the Chapel as a reflective meditative space.

the Charlevoix Zoo- In Progress: Phase 1 of 4

Collaboration with DDA/MS & CCA

SLC original vision in addition to the bridge lights, was to create enhancements to the surrounding area. The Charlevoix Zoo project will be focusing on the area under the bridge. This project will also see the implementation of a walk-ability program directing pedestrians to walk under the bridges to cross instead of crossing above on the highway.

Food Academy

Bringing food back into the K-12 curriculum empowering our youth to never go hungry. Educating about foods rich in the nutrients that keep us well and healthy. Introducing our youth to food projects that will enrich their lives and the world.

Silver Linings Charlevoix

P.O. Box 650 Charlevoix, MI 49720