Rules and Regulations

May 1, 2006

1. Objective.

Salem Sabres shall operate a Travel soccer program for boys and girls teams. The travel program shall develop teams that compete at the highest levels.

2. Direction.

The program is directed by the Salem Sabres Board of Directors. Revisions to the Salem Sabres Rules may be made by the Salem Sabres Board of Directors.

3. Eligibility.

A. Salem Sabres will provide girls and boys travel teams.

B. Salem Sabres may authorize one or more teams in each age group, U-11 through U-19, depending on the number of skilled players available per age group. Conversely, age groups may be combined if there are not enough skilled players in an age group. Teams shall be formed from the oldest to youngest.

C. Players are assigned to age groups based on their date of birth, with each age group conforming to the August 1-July 31 bracket, which is in accordance with Virginia Youth Soccer Association regulations and national age guidelines.

D. All Salem Sabres teams can have a maximum of three non-Salem resident players. This must be taken into consideration when placing players on teams.

4. Fees.

A. The Salem Sabres Board of Directors shall establish the registration fee for each season. Fees cover cost of membership in VYSA, applicable travel leagues, liability insurance, equipment, supplies, referees, uniforms, tournament fees, etc.

B. Salem Sabres offers a limited number of scholarships for players who have financial need. Any parent/guardian who is seeking scholarship aid should speak to the appropriate coach who will then bring the request to the Board of Directors. This request should remain confidential. The Board of Directors will determine on a case-by-case basis the value of the scholarship award.

C. Providing goalkeeping equipment is the responsibility of the goalkeeper. If there is a genuine need for financial assistance to properly outfit a goalkeeper, that parent/guardian should request financial assistance, which shall remain confidential. The Board of Directors will determine the amount of financial aid.

D. The Salem Sabres will discount the player participation fee for parents with more than one child in the Travel Program. A $25 discount will apply to the fees of each additional family member.

E. Salem Sabres fees (player participation and uniform) are to be paid prior to the player receiving their uniform or playing in a game. The exception to this is if the Club Treasurer has set up a payment plan for the player.

5. Procedures and Method of Player Selection

A. The most skilled and competent players in each age group are chosen for the Travel Team. Travel Team tryouts are open to all players in the region who are in good standing with the club.

B. Tryout schedules will be communicated to all Salem Sabres Teams and promoted by way of the news media.

C. Tryouts will be organized by age groups and will consist of at least two sessions. If a tryout session is rained out, it will be rescheduled and communicated broadly.

D. Players must submit a signed medical release form in order to try out.

E. The tryout and selection process is directed by the coaches of each team. All interested players are expected to participate in the tryouts.

F. If a player is injured or has a conflict and cannot attend the tryout scheduled for his/her age group, he/she should contact the coach of the team prior to his/her assigned tryout date. The coach may excuse the player or make arrangements for the player to attend another session.

G. The selection process involves a tryout during which all players will have an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and abilities and in game-simulated assessment activities. Evaluators, consisting of the coach and assistant coach, will assure that each player receives equal opportunity and a fair assessment. Consideration is also given the player's previous Salem Sabres experience, performance level and contributions under game conditions. If a team does not have a coach assigned, as of the tryout dates, he/she will be replaced by another impartial, qualified evaluator who will be selected by the Board of Directors.

H. The coaches will notify at the earliest possible date players who were selected and those who were not selected.

I. The coaches will report the final rosters to the Salem Sabres Secretary at the summer meeting.

6. Roster Size.

A. The Salem Sabres Board of Directors believes roster size is discretionary and should not be predetermined or fixed in all age groups, provided the roster size does not exceed the maximum number of players allowable by VYSA requirements (18 players).

B. Each team's roster size will be determined by the team's coach.

7. Application Requirements

A. The application form for players who qualify for Travel Teams shall include the stipulation that "Travel soccer requires a commitment to play in league and tournament competitions (Saturdays and Sundays)”, that each player is required to attend all practices (two per week) beginning in August, all games and all tournaments scheduled for the team, unless he or she is excused by the coach for extenuating circumstances.

B. To confirm his/her Travel Team roster assignment, a player and parent/guardian must provide these required items.

- Completed application form

- Completed medical release

- A check made payable to Salem Sabres for the registration fees. Any parent/guardian seeking a scholarship should make his/her request at this time.

- Two small, (exactly 1 inch by 1 inch) head and shoulder photographs

- The player's original (not hospital) birth certificate (new players only). The original birth certificate will be returned to the parent/guardian.

C. Failure to satisfactorily complete the registration process will result in the forfeiture of the player's roster slot. The coach will award that slot to the qualified player who is next in line.

8. Adjustments to the Rosters.

A. Any soccer player who desires an opportunity to participate on a Travel Team after the team has completed their roster should contact the coach. If in the discretion of the coach, the granting of such a try out is appropriate, he or she shall arrange for the same. If, as a result of this audition, the player is deemed worthy of Travel Team placement, and if there is space available on a team roster, the new player may be added to a team, provided this transaction is in the best interest of Salem Sabres as a whole. No qualified player can be bumped from a team roster to accommodate the addition of a new player.

B. Players who join a Travel Team after the start of the regular season will be required to pay 50% of the player participation fee. The player will pay the full uniform fee if the uniform is new.

9. Coaches

A. The selection of the Travel Division coaches shall be the responsibility of the Salem Sabres Board of Directors with direction from the Director of Coaching.

B. Any person interested in serving as a Salem Sabres Travel Team Coach should speak to the President and the Director of Coaching.

C. The President will present potential coaches to the Board of Directors. If any member believes any of the applicants presented is unqualified or unworthy to serve as a Travel Coach, he/she may present his/her concerns in confidence to the Board of Directors.

D. The Board of Directors shall consider the following criteria, along with any other factors deemed relevant to a particular candidate.

- Documented coaching experience and specialization with certain age groups.

- Education and coaching qualifications (licensure, certification, teaching).

- Past coaching performance with Salem Sabres (attendance record at practices and games, quality of coaching, parent/player feedback, etc.).

- Communication and teaching skills.

- Knowledge of the game of soccer.

- Enthusiasm for the sport of soccer.

- Positive sideline behavior and good sportsmanship.

- Ability to remain objective and treat fairly all team members.

- Willingness to participate in the KidSafe program.

- Effective management skills to deal with players, referees, parents, team managers and others.

- Adherence to club rules regarding sportsmanship and disciplinary action as detailed in Section 15.

- Ability to serve as an effective role model.

E. The Board of Directors will finalize the coaching assignments for the Fall and Spring seasons.

F. The Board of Directors is empowered to dismiss any coach for misconduct under item 15D.

G. All Travel Team coaches are encouraged to participate in licensing courses. To that end, Salem Sabres will pay half the registration fee for the clinic. With a two-year commitment to the club, Sabres will pay the entire registration fee.

10. Team Managers

A. Any person interested in serving as a Salem Sabres Travel Team Manager should submit notification of his/her interest to the coach.

B. The Team Manager's normal term of duty will begin in the summer period and continue through the Travel soccer season.

11. Tournaments

A. Consistent with each player's commitment to the Salem Sabres Travel program, all players are expected to participate in all tournaments that the team chooses to enter. Financial responsibility for the entry fee will be shared equally among all players and included in the team fee, a separate fee from the standard Club registration fee. Transportation, food and lodging for all tournaments are always the responsibility of those players who participate in tournaments.

B. Salem Sabres encourages coaches of teams that add tournament guest players to use the guest players as substitutes for rostered players.

C. Guest players contribute to the tournament fee and are responsible for their own transportation, food and lodging expenses.

12. Playing the Game

A. No specific amount of playing time is guaranteed to individual players on Travel Teams. Coaches are encouraged to attempt to be equitable while fostering the success of the team as a whole.

B. Each Travel Team competes in a league made up of teams in the same or comparable age groups. Games are scheduled on weekends, and coaches shall have at least two practices a week during the season.

C. At all Travel games, the coaches and players of both teams will be positioned on the same side of the field and opposite from the parents and spectators.

13. Equipment.

Each team will be provided with such equipment as is approved by the Board of Directors. Said equipment must be returned at the conclusion of each season. The coach is responsible for asking the Board to replace team equipment that has been exhausted or rendered otherwise unusable.

14. Team Names.

Each Travel team shall be known only as "Salem Sabres U-__ Maroon or White".

15. Sportsmanship and Disciplinary Action

A. Salem Sabres will not tolerate physical or verbal unsportsmanlike conduct by players, coaches or parents. Sanctions can include barring a player from Salem Sabres participation as a result of his/her behavior.

B. Use of tobacco products at field areas is strongly discouraged.

C. Use of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances at field areas is forbidden and subject to city ordinances and/or school policies. Conviction or suspension can result in barring a player from Salem Sabres participation.

D. The Salem Sabres Board of Directors may expel from the program any coach or player whose conduct during Salem Sabres-sanctioned activities is damaging to the image of the Salem Sabres program as a whole. The Board shall determine the length of expulsion and terms under which an individual may be reinstated, if at all.

17. Misconduct Including Referee Abuse & Assault

Salem Sabres will comply with the applicable travel league and VYSA policies and procedures regarding misconduct, including referee abuse and assault.

18. Club Policy on Misconduct and Referee Abuse and Assault.

A. Should Salem Sabres be fined by the applicable travel league of VYSA, the coach, player, team official, or spectator who abused or assaulted the referee or assistant referee will be required to reimburse Salem Sabres the full amount of the fine within 30 days from the issuance of the fine by VYSA.

B. Failure to make full reimbursement of the cost of the fine to Salem Sabres within this 30-day period will result in the automatic expulsion from Salem Sabres programs of the person who abused or assaulted a referee or assistant referee. The expulsion period will be a minimum of one year from the date of the issuance of the fine.

C. Coaches, team officials and parents of players will be required to sign a form prior to each soccer season that acknowledges their agreement to comply with the Salem Sabres, applicable travel league and VYSA policies and procedures regarding misconduct, including referee abuse and assault.