Charlevoix Bridge Lighting Project

Letter to Public:

The Charlevoix Bridge Lighting Project

To all our friends who love Charlevoix!

It’s time to light up the Charlevoix Bridge!

And we need your help! As other cities around the world have brightened their images and their cultural magnetism to visitors by lighting up their iconic bridges, we believe it’s time to light up our own Charlevoix Bridge. This historic drawbridge, also known as the Charlevoix Memorial Bascule Bridge, is mostly unlit, unattractive and dark at night. The approved plan is to install flood lights to illuminate the arch of the bridge; on the street level install high impact strip lights to highlight the beautiful details of the railing; and on lower level walkways install safety lights and color changing lights for the embankments. This will frame the city’s gateway by water, while increasing pedestrian safety above and below the bridge.

The Charlevoix Bridge Lighting Project

“Wow, why haven’t we done this before!”

… is what we’re hearing around town.

Private funds are needed to complete the project, and so we are reaching out to community members who love the City of Charlevoix. As our city rebuilds from the recent fires, together through this project we can revitalize Charlevoix the Beautiful in ways that will strengthen our sense of community and make us feel even more pride in the quality of life we are creating for ourselves and our children.

The late Paul Belding, a beloved life-long Charlevoix resident and lighting engineer, began this community initiative while he was still alive. Those of us who were blessed to know him – know what a dream we have in the opportunity to fulfill his compelling and worthy vision now.

The Charlevoix Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Development Authority-Main Street and the Charlevoix City Council are all in support of our carrying Paul’s initiative forward.

The Charlevoix Bridge Lighting Project group of volunteers, needs your help to complete the implementation of this worthy project! Our goal now is to gather the final funds from individuals and organizations who want to become part of this permanent legacy for all to enjoy. Please join us in bringing this magical lighting installation to the Charlevoix Memorial Bascule Bridge by donating at the highest level possible. The work we will complete together:

  • Lights illuminating the blue arch of the bridge, 2 on each side.
  • 4 safety lights underneath the bridge walkways, which are currently unlit.
  • Multiple lights along the two embankments underneath the bridge in a stationary wave pattern.
  • Multiple strip lights on the Bridge Street railings which are dark and unnoticed now.
  • All the lights are hi-efficiency LED’s.

The community is rallying around the Charlevoix Bridge Lighting Project! We’ve recently been featured on local TV and in area newspapers. Last fall we began gathering the required approvals from all parties legally connected to the bridge, and all are supportive. Thanks to the generous assistance of FTC&H Engineers, Michigan Department of Transportation, US Army Corp of Engineers, and the US Coast Guard, preliminary research and planning is complete and the rest of the work that we can do together is ready to begin!

How you can help:

Please donate at whatever level you can afford.

Luminary = $25,000 + Luminary campaign is seeking businesses, foundations and or individuals to propel the Charlevoix Bridge Lighting Project and bring it to light in 2018. Luminaries will be honored in the Bridge Lighting Ceremony and have the opportunity to take part in turning on the lights. Luminaries will also be listed with media outlets (with approval).

Shooting Star = $10,000 + Shooting Star campaign is seeking businesses, families and individuals that are committed to the revitalization of Charlevoix. These donors will be represented on the donor plaque. Donors will take part in the celebration when the lights are turned on.

North Star = $5,000 + Northern Star campaign is seeking businesses, foundations, and or individuals to sponsor lights. A generous donation of $5,000 or above will get you a personal donor recognition on a plaque commemorating our Bridge Project that will be displayed prominently near the bridge. Donations as a memorial or honorarium to someone special is encouraged.

Shining Star = $2,500 +

Beacon of Light = $1,000 +

Guiding Light = $500 + Donations of $500 or more will be included on the plaque by the Bridge.

Ray of Light = $250 +

Spark of Light = $100 +

Valued Bridge Supporters at any inspired amount can make easy tax-deductible credit card or PayPal donations at the link on our website; Donations made through credit card or PayPal include a processing fee, so people donating larger amounts are encouraged to send a check.

Supporters may send donation checks to Silver Linings Charlevoix, the 501(c)3 overseeing the project, and mail to P.O. Box 650 Charlevoix, MI 49720. 100% of the donations go to the Project.

We are a great community!! Let’s each donate whatever we can AND get personally involved.

We’d love to discuss the project with you further. Please review our public Facebook page for more information or contact us to ask questions. Get to know us, and feel free to contact us any time.

Please view our short video and for more information and to donate: