Internship 2017

Important Information to all INTERNS

As we are getting started, we should try and do everything as fast as possible without errors.

The internship is starting now already

We are paying N5000 per week for anyone who achieves 5 points

To achieve 5 points, you must be in the hng-internship private channel. Once there, you will be given access to a Trello board where there are tasks listed with points. Claim your points and you get paid once delivered/accepted.

To get into the hng-internship channel, there are multiple ways. If you are a Coder(Frontend or Backend), get your slack username on If you are a UX person, submit a wireframe. If you are a Mobile Developer, give us a screenshot of a page of factory mobile you have done. If you are a PM, take visible active charge. Once ready, post to #results channel.

Note that pay is only done when the entire release is out. So you must get your card accepted, and everyone else in that release too.

I hope we all understand the requirements,i advice we keep checking the TASKS link as well as the CHANNELS section on SLACK.