(SF) Game
Space/Screen/Suit/Steam/Shore/Sea - Faring

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Card Game (Shidden's Fault) Gambling game where the Tokens fuel movement on the Main Board Game

  1. Use at least 2 decks, Keep Jokers in, Remove 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s

  2. Each player gets 5 cards and the House gets 5 cards (use at least 2 decks)

  3. 5 face down cards are placed at the top with one sideways

  4. Players can call a trade with one another and cannot decline unless they have already placed down their cards

  5. Cards are placed in 3 variations: where it is 1-2 cards per row, 3 rows

  6. Players can bet 1-3 tokens in any betting area

  7. Players can bet on 1 of the top 4 cards if they believe it is a higher card than the sideways first card

  8. Players have to bet 1 at the top of their cards to play (buy in)

  9. Players can bet on each of the 3 rows

  10. Flip the top row of cards

    1. Ace Wins

    2. Joker loses but can nulify an Ace

    3. Count is 1-10 skip 11, Jack=12, Queen=13, King=14

    4. Same Suit and Color adds +1 per card on a row

    5. If there is a tie it goes by Suit rather than number:

      1. Club beats Heart beats Spade, all can be beaten by Diamond (War > Hel > Sin, Hero)

  11. Repeat for 2nd and 3rd rows

  12. If a Player wins a row, they double their bets, all other Players return any bets to the House (the House does not bet but can win)

  13. Player or House that wins 2/3 rows doubles their buy in, the rest give up the token to the House

  14. Players are able to steal tokens from each other

    1. If they are caught they have to give up the same number of tokens they attempted to steal

Note: Best when playing in Character along side the Main Board Game

Battle Board Game (Downed n Drowned) Battle Board Game where Tokens fuel movement on the Main Board Game, and Players fight one another for territory on the Main Board Game, and for each others Tokens (6 Themes, units are dependent on Player characters perspective)

  1. Movement: WAR can move 1, HEL can move 2 spaces, SIN can move 2 spaces and 1 space when cloaked, HERO can move the same as any unit, LIVING WAPON (LWEP) can move 1

    1. No Diagonals (All Players start in the furthest 2 rows)

    2. Only HERO and SIN can move on the same spaces of allied units

    3. Turns: All Players move at the same time, once they all have moved their units, they can do 1 ranged attack, then they wait for the LWEP to move, the LWEP will move the number of spaces to the number of players

  2. Abilities: WAR can block 3 linked spaces (unbreakable walls), HEL can pick up (heal) downed (defeated) units and uncloak any SIN within 2 spaces, SIN can cloak to become invulnerable (takes a unit turn to cloak or uncloak, 1 cloak per game), HERO can do the same skills as other units other than: 1 wall instead of 3 but it remains (WAR wall disappears on downed, Hero disappears on drowned)

    1. Only SIN/HERO can close range attack downed to make them drowned (must be cloaked), Only HEL can ranged attack downed to drowned, SIN/HERO can roll 6 to block close atk (if 1 drowned instead of downed)

    2. Cloaked SIN and WAR can guard downed if standing next to them, guarded downed cannot be attacked (except by LWEP)

    3. WAR takes 2 ranged hits to be downed, WAR can roll 6 to block any ranged attack (if 1 drowned not downed)

    4. HEL can arch attack 2 spaces forward (over 1 space), HEL can roll 6 to avoid Skill atk (if 1 drowned instead of downed)

  3. WAR advantage to HEL, HEL advantage to SIN, SIN advantage to WAR, HERO can defeat any and can be defeated by any, LIVING WAPON (LWEP) can drowned unit instead of downed, and going near downed will drowned them

  4. If LWEP cannot move it becomes dormant

  5. Chain Abilities: WAR can attack enemy unit in front of them and behind that unit, SIN can chain 3 close range attacks, HEL can chain 2 heals (picking up 2 downed), HERO cannot do chain attacks

  6. Telesend Skills: 1 Skill per Player per game

    1. WAR can move 5 spaces forward and attack, HEL can move self units next to it 5 spaces (cannot be next to an enemy), HEL can avoid the attack and move behind WAR when hit with a ranged attack, HEL can avoid LWEP attack and move back 3 spaces (player will skip their next turn), SIN can jump back 5 spaces and cloak (even if cloak was previously used), HERO can jump 5 spaces in any direction and cloak or attack

  7. Duels

    1. Unit attacking a unit of equal value, each roll 1 dice to see which unit wins (Cannot duel LWEP)

    2. Unit attacking a unit they are weak to, advantage class rolls 2 dice (Hero Vs Anything is 1 to 1)

    3. Hero can duel / attack LWEP with 3/1 dice, but other Player HEROs linked can chain dice

  8. Skip Turn Skills: HEL can heal self is downed (if unguarded), WAR can move 3 spaces and attack next turn, SIN can reset cloak ability to use it again, HERO can res (bring back) a drowned or heal a downed

    1. Note: Any unit that's been healed / res cannot move / attack until the next turn

  9. Ranged:

    1. 20 sided dice, 17-19 downed target, 20 drowned target, 1 downed self (If LWEP rolls a 1, downed, a unit can attack and roll a 6 to drowned the LWEP if 1 unit is drowned)

    2. Each player can use 1 ranged skill per turn (LWEP if player controlled can fire 2 at opposing player units and takes 3 turns to reload)

    3. 3 ranged attacks per unit (ammo)

    4. Hero can retry their ranged attack once per turn if 2-16

  10. Winning: Each Player puts in tokens to play, 50% of tokens go to the winner

    1. Last unit other than LWEP wins, or if all other players surrender/quit

    2. If LWEP is defeated: All drowned units become downed, all downed units are healer / picked up

      1. Morally Good RP side goes first

  11. Maps: 1 Center map for the LWEP, 1 Map added per player, 1 Red space on center map (only LWEP can pass), 2 Blue spaces (only cloaked can pass), 1 Green space per map (only HERO can pass)

  12. Last Man Standing on a Team: WAR endure/ignore 1 melee attack, HEL close range is increased to 3, SIN movement increased to 5, HERO can summon 1 WAR ally to start area

  13. Skill Cards:

    1. Carpet Bombing

      1. Downed any units in 5 squares in a row (does not affect LWEP), Must have 1 allied unit on the map, Roll 5 or 6, if roll 1 lose all ammo on 1 unit

      2. Roll 20 sided, if 20 1 downed enemy is drowned, if 1 downed 1 allied unit

    2. Drop Satellite

      1. Drowned any unit 2 by 3 grid (does not affect LWEP), No allies on the map, Only can be used on center map, roll a 6, if roll 1 downed 1 unit

      2. Roll 20 sided, if 20 1 downed enemy is drowned, if 1 downed 1 allied unit

    3. Call Ally

      1. If 1 or more are drowned call an Ally from drowned or a new WAR unit to starting location, Roll 2-6 ally for you, roll 1 ally for an enemy player

      2. Roll 20 sided dice, call a 2nd Ally (Hero who can immediately move and attack), if 1 downed 2 allied units

    4. Betrayal

      1. Roll 1-6 to select an enemy, Roll 4-6 to have them join you, Roll 1 drowned 1 of your units

      2. Roll 20 sided, if 20 1 enemy becomes a Pirate, if 1 one allied unit becomes a Pirate

    5. Alliance with LWEP

      1. LWEP under your control, Roll 2-6 amount of turns, if roll 1 roll again for number of units drowned

      2. Roll 20 sided, if 20 control LWep for next turn, if 1 skip next turn

    6. LWEP Dormant

      1. LWEP cannot move, Roll 2-6 for how many turns its dormant, Roll 1 select an allied unit to downed

      2. Roll 20 sided, if 20 control LWep for next turn, if 1 skip next turn

  14. Additional Player Options:

    1. Pirate sides

      1. Single pirate player unit that can move at their own pace and move in T shapes (same 5 spaces as Card Game) (move then atk / skill / skip rotation) and doesn't need to wait for the LWep to move (Hero class unit)

      2. Can start on any map as long as its 5 spaces away from any other unit, is the last unit to move when the game starts

      3. Cannot attack or be attacked by players until the LWep has moved at least 1 time, cannot have allies even other pirates

      4. Any unit that is destroyed by a Pirate reloads ammo to 3

      5. Cannot be downed, always drowned, cannot return when drowned

      6. If not starting as a Pirate can become a Pirate

        1. No other Pirate sides are present

        2. Player has control of 1 unit (if multiple players on a side or if Last Man Standing) roll a 20 to become a Pirate, roll 20 reload all ammo and skills, 2-19 become a pirate with no ammo / skills, 1 drowned

        3. Get money from the user when stomping / drowning downed allies

    2. Play as the Living Weapon

    3. Become the Living Weapon (LWep)

      1. If Last Man Standing on a player side and LWep is drowned, roll a 20 to be LWep and control it, roll a 1 to be non player controlled (can re roll as much as you want, doesn't count as a turn and doesn't stop other players/units from moving)

    4. Player sides (for more than 2-4 Players)

      1. Can add extra maps

      2. Players can split the units or control a single unit

    5. Mercenaries

      1. Players can hire single unit players to join them as allies (take turns with their player side), move in T shapes (same 5 spaces as Card Game)

      2. Takes a turn to bring them in (do not start with the start of the game)

      3. Each mercenary player unit would start in the starting area

      4. WAR or HEL or SIN class only

      5. If downed need to be picked up by a HEL (cannot pick themselves up), if drowned cannot return

      6. Merc can attack LWep with close attack (not ranged) success on roll 20 (LWep will be drowned)

        1. Get paid by players to join the battle

    6. Base: Each Player has a Main Camp Unit and if it is destroyed the player is defeated (drowned only)

      1. The Base Unit cannot move, it has 3 armor, and has to be hit at close range (invulnerable to ranged)

        1. Has 3 ammo for ranged attacks and can only target WAR, HEL, SIN main units

        2. Base can close attack 1 to any unit and pushes the unit back 1 space

      2. The Base cannot be attacked by the LWep or Pirate

      3. The Base cannot be attacked using Skills or Abilities

      4. The Base abilities:

        1. All units fire on a single enemy unit, roll 3 times if 17-20 success, if 2-16 miss (uses 1 Base ammo only), if 1 (uses all ammo from Base and all units)

        2. Skip turn to move the Base over by 3

        3. Last Man Standing unit on a side, Base ranged attack doesn't use a turn and refill ammo to 3 and close attack 1 hit downed (cannot drowned enemy)

          1. If Base is the only unit remaining call an ally (1 time) and reload ammo

    7. Ghosts: Defeated players (all units drowned or Base drowned) can come back as ghosts

      1. Ghosts can get in the way taking up a space, but cannot attack and cannot be attacked

      2. Ghosts can be removed by the LWEP only

        1. Ghosts can return to drowned at any time

        2. Ghosts can return to downed if they roll a 20, if 1 they cannot return for the game even as Ghosts

    8. Armored Units:

      1. WAR has 5 armor instead of 1

      2. HEL, HERO have 4 armor instead of 1

      3. SIN has 3 armor instead of 1

      4. If the unit has the advantage the damage is 3 instead of 1

    9. Send Scouts

      1. HERO (+ Pirate, + Merc) can send scouts to disable a unit for 1 turn 2-19, can be used 1 time per turn, skip unit turn to bring them in to the game as well as to order an attack, if 20 downed unit, if 1 unable to send scouts again (1 scout per player side including allies, 1 scout active in the game)

      2. Scouts unit can be defeated in 1 Close attack or 1 Ranged Attack

      3. Scouts can move 10 in any direction, but cannot attack, other unit has to order them to disable units

    10. Place Traps

      1. HERO class can skip player turn and place a face down card as a trap, it will affect WAR or HEL or SIN not Hero / LWep

      2. Trap will downed the affected person, or if unaffected it will reveal the trap, if HERO steps on and reveals the trap it removes the trap

    11. LWep Buffs: When LWep is drowned 3 buffs are available for pickup, they appear on open spaces near where the LWep was drowned (step on to claim)

      1. Armor Buff: +3 Armor for close attack, Invulnerable to ranged attack and skills / abilities (until armor is broken)

      2. Ranged Buff: Unlimited ammo, 2 ranged attacks instead of 1 each turn, until unit is close attacked (ranged is broken)

      3. Close Buff: Instant Drowned on attack (can be used 3 times then its broken)

    12. RP:

      1. Can only communicate with the same perspective

      2. Take orders from the Main Board Game (Moguls and Deities)

      3. Can use RP Cards for characters from the Main Board Game

        1. NPCs are killed, Players respawn (use morality token)