Mohamed Hosam Ibrahim

Full-time Learner | "Passionate about building things, and scale it ... to make human's life better every day"

Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 Enthusiast

Technical Project Manager (Manufacturing sector)



Products Value Realisation using Big Data Technologies (Industry 4.0)

Technology utilised: Apache Kafka, Spark, Spark Streaming, NoSQL Database, APIs, JDBC. Coded using Java & Scala on Linux OS.

Scope of Work: Building Kafka clusters (Brokers) with multiple Producers & consumers with (Pub/Sub) architecture, to stream customers' comments from multiple Social Media platforms in real-time. Then apply sentiment analysis ML algorithms in a Spark cluster to aggregate the results and get a reflection of their opinion. In addition to forming a unified Data lake. The results were represented on Grafana Dashboard

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Surface Modification of 316L Casted Stainless Steel implant.

A joint Venture research project between the Faculty of Engineering Cairo University, the Faculty of Engineering German University in Cairo and the Metallurgical Research centre in Cairo.

Project Aim: To enhance the biocompatibility of 316L Stainless steel implants through surface treatment and compare it to Grade 23 Titanium implants.

Tech: SEM, AFM, Vacuum Casting, Mechanical Polishing, Ferrite Scope.

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Robotic Convolutional Neural Network classifier (Industry 4.0)

Scope of Work: Building ML Model that can be embedded in robotic systems,

For fruits and Vegetables Recognition and Classification using multiple Convolutional Neural Networks.
Technology embraced: Matlab, GoogleNet, and Customized CNN.

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M113 -A4 Modernisation Program 

Scope of Work: Fully modernize and refurbish M113 armoured vehicles. Systems integrated (AC, NBS filters, FSDS, TDS, Navigation & GPS, spall liners, add-on armour, power pack, tracks, and suspension)

Key stakeholders:  AL-ESNAD factory, FNSS ME LLC, FNSS (Turkey), Royal Saudi Land Forces (RSLF), AUC (Automotive upgrade centre) 

Cadillac 4x4 V-150 Modernization Program 

Scope of Work: Fully upgrade the V-150 and integrate new systems: Power train, Powerpack, Suspension, Intercom system, Radio, Armoring B7, CARC paint, NBC filters, AC units, Fire detection and Suppression, TDS (Thermal detection System), RPJ protectin Net.

Stakeholders: AL-ESNAD (KSA), NAPCO (USA), Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG).

OSHKOSH M-ATV Upgrading Project 

Scope of Work: Installation & Integration of subsystems to the vehicles like Radios (Panther, Harris, and Aselsan), SOTAS intercom (M2), Driver Thermal Camera, Navigation and GPS (includes training and calibration services), upgraded RPG Net, New Canister tubes set, Engine Protection kit EPK (Fully designed by Al-Esnad), and Gunner protection hit GPK (Assembly and installation).

Designing and Establishing of AL-ESNAD Factory 

Scope of Work: Design and commission a full production infrastructure of a 20,000 m2 military facility including CNC lathe & milling, Press brakes, Welding line, CMM (Coordinates Measuring Machine), Water jet, CARC painting, different metal coating and electroplating processes, Heat treatment unit, Dynamic UPS, Pneumatic circuit. Sandblasting, Cable harnessing workshop, Material handling and storage units

Stakeholders: AL-ESNAD factory (Riyadh KSA), International and local equipment suppliers.

NEXTER CAESAR 155 mm Upgrading Project

Scope of Work: Training Al-Esnad team in Nexter's factory in France, painting the whole fleet with CARC paint as per RSLF requirements at Al-Esnad, performing maintenance, quality control, repairs, and technical support to the customer.

Key Stakeholders: AL-ESNAD (KSA), NEXTER (France), ODAS (France), Royal Saudi Land forces (RSLF).

Enterprise-level IMS design & Implementation Project

Scope of Work: Acts as MR (management representative), and coordinates with the certification body to conduct audits. Responsible for designing, and implementing a full (integrated management system) IMS in accordance with ISO 9001, 18001, and 14001. Perform regular Audits to check compliances. Lead and train internal auditors. Responsible for successfully renewing the certificates.

 Stakeholders: AL-ESNAD factory and DAS Certification (UK)

Chemring IDE & Mine Detector Deployment

Scope of Work: Supply and train the customer on operating and maintaining Ground shark IDE and mine detector. Program a new embedded Software as per customer requirement. 

Key Stakeholders: AL-ESNAD factory, ESNAD (Turkey). Chemring (USA), and Royal Saudi Land Forces (RSLF).


Scope of Work: Installation, Integration of SOTAS M2 intercom system, training the end users, performing Level 4 maintenance (SOTEST, board replacement, Software configuration) and technical support.


Scope of Work: Make a full demonstration and training to the customer in Tabuk, KSA. Demonstration of multiple brands for the headsets. Drop test, leak test, static, and in-motion trials. Customer product satisfaction >95%. M3 is the latest intercom technology from THALES.

0.5 Caliber Machine gun Turret Design & Manufacturing Project

Scope of Work: Coordinating with the customer to understand the requirement. Design the turret to be installed on pickups. Manufacture and paint IAW customer's req, Installation and testing.

ATEL Jammer Installation & Integration Project

Scope of Work: Manufacturing, installation, and Integration of Jamming system on Land cruisers, Pickups, and GMC Vehicles.
Key Stakeholders: AL-ESNAD (KSA), ATEL (TURKEY) and Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG)

Challenges: Upgrading and reengineering the engine compartment to fit the new Jamming system. Designing and manufacturing a robust structure to carry the antennas. Installing the system across the country. 

Lockheed Martin Localization Program 

Scope of Work: Lockheed Martin-Saudi Arabia's localization program aims to validate suppliers and local manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. Al-ESNAD factory was at the top of the program. Working on processes and procedures to make sure they qualified for the localization process

Native AWS Cloud Solution

Scope of Work: Implementing a cloud-native solution on AWS cloud. 

Technologies: AWS Cognito, Rout 53 DNS, 3rd Party Gateway to the payment server, EBS, S3, EMR, RDS, Dynamo DB, QuickSight, Redshift, CloudWatch, SNS&SES on a public and private subnet with a VPC. 

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IDS 2018 Analysis 

The Dataset: CSE-CIC-IDS2018 on AWS
A collaborative project between the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) & the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity (CIC).

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Project Scope: Applying Big Data Analytics. Applying 2 complex SQL queries. Applying 3 Advanced statistics methods. Applying Machine Learning technique (K-means clustering)