Ako Ngātahi

About us

We are the Year 4/ 5/6 class at Hornby Primary School with about 50 amazing students, 2 awesome teachers and a 2 terrific goldfish. Mrs Mclachlan is once again teaching in Ako Ngatahi and is joined by the lovely Miss D. Both teachers are very excited to be working together and with a wonderful bunch of children. We are fortunate enough to have a wonderful learning space with lots of room to learn in different ways. We are one-to-one chromebooks and also use other digital technologies such as iPads, Mac desktops and Apple TV. We do our school work online using Goggle docs as well as good old fashion pen and paper. Every child has their own blog so check them out under the Blogs tab or click Our Blogs. We aim to keep them updated with examples of learning we are proud of. We follow the learning model learn, create, share in all areas of our learning.

Group 1

Sia, Lydia, Olivia, Hannah, Jessica P, Bianca, Harmony, Nuu, Finau, Jared, Aroha, Ben, Tiana, Jhrnylle, Gabbie, Shyla, Andrew, Arkaysha, Ebony, Makenzie O, Kody, Bryce, Jesscia B, Sonnie, Makenzie H, Sophia N

Group 2

Elias, Sage, Risha, Bailey, Anthony, Quaid, Sophia, Tasharn, Tom, Travis, Lennox, David, Joshua, Khaylanie, Odin, Alex, Joseph, Shania, Jamie, Rhyleigh, Blessing, Lhysette, Michaela, Christina,Talisa