This is a "multi-modal" resource for Visual Art Students. Across the bottom are the sheets that show the year levels, but they are not necessarily JUST for those year levels. The concepts in them might be of really good value to you. Please refer to this and make suggestions to your teachers too.

Visual Arts MultiText/artist/genre - Database

Junior covers year 8 - 10 for the remainder of 2017 taught by:

8Ci and 8 Rc - Mrs Cindy Cairns terms' 3 and 4

8 Gb - Whāea Karin Lange

9hy - Whāea Karin Lange, 9Mn, Whāea Rowena Clemence terms' 3 and 4

10 art Wednesday and Friday - Whāea Rowena Clemence, 10 art Monday and Thursday Whāea Karin Lange

Senior covers levels one - three of NCEA. There are 4 mixed level classes, called 'lines' based on our timetable structure. Look for your 'line' to find your class resources.course outlines for these courses are available on the side menu to the left of this screen.

Line 1 - Whāea Karin Lange

Line 2 - Whāea Karin Lange

Line 3 - Whāea Rowena Clemence

Line 4 - Whāea Rowena Clemence