The Chromebook

Acer C731 - click image for more info.

The model recommended for 2018 is the Acer C730e or C731 with 4GB Ram (not 2GB as will not be powerful enough to do videoing etc)

The Acer Chromebook 11 N7 C731 is two things others in the category aren't: inexpensive and tough.

Meeting the US MIL-STD 810G military standard, the 11.6-inch Google Chrome OS laptop can withstand drops from up to 48 inches (1.2 meters), can handle 132 pounds (60 kg) of downward force on its lid and has a spill-resistant keyboard. The keyboard's key caps are recessed to keep them from being easily removed.c

Choosing the right Chromebook for our students is a rigorous process

Each year the Manaiakalani Procurement Committee test devices provided to the Procurement Committee and these are rigorously evaluated by teachers, students, hackers and consultants to identify the preferred device to meet student requirements. Recommendations are based on best-value specifications, affordability, and durability.

All Uru Manuka (Hornby Cluster) Schools require the Google Management Console to be loaded on devices to be used in the cluster schools by learners. Please check when purchasing a chromebook that this cost is included.

Google Management Console

The digital management console allows the school to manage the safety and access of the Chromebook, restricting it to keep the focus on the learning and increasing the protection of students from inappropriate internet material. \

What we achieve with the console

  • maximised learning time
  • support for teacher dashboard
  • ability to configure the chromebook (applications/extensions) to maximise learning
  • ability to set up the chromebook for different age groups of learners
  • opportunity to prepare and organise the chromebooks for learning.
  • configuration and usage reporting eg disk space, memory, who has used the device etc
  • we meet organisational due diligence requirements
  • we can spread updates over time for the network, avoiding slow periods when all devices update at once
  • we can set devices to use stable google releases (ensures greater uptime)

The settings we will look to make are:

  • Internet Safe Search on
  • Youtube safe search on
  • Incognito mode disabled
  • Teacher Dashboard App loaded
  • Other settings to allow for smoother integration with the school network

These can be purchased online at