Smart Footprint

Smart learners are creating a positive digital footprint

Students who have a smart footprint think about how they advertise their 'brand' online and they remember that anything shared digitally will be there forever. Students are reminded to post content that they and their whānau will be proud of and understand the difference between private and public information.

Teaching Lesson Outline.

Lesson ONE - How can people find out about you?

One person to make a copy of the who is Cooper doc and share.

Lesson TWO - Private and Personal Information

Lesson THREE - Commenting in a way that helps

Lesson FOUR - Online you is the same is real life you. (Commenting continued)

Lesson FIVE - You have a Digital Footprint.

Lesson SIX - Is it real or is it fake?

Real or Fake?

Lesson SEVEN - Panda or Tree Octopus?

Lesson EIGHT - Kahoot! What have we learnt?