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Horizon SciTech is an innovation consultancy specialising in support for clinical and technology entrepreneurs with ambitions to achieve commercial business goals including revenue generating operations, exit strategies and investment from both public and private funds. We focus on helping innovators achieve a balance between creative drive and commercial success, putting an emphasis all the time on leadership; if an innovative idea is to grow into a successful business this quality is essential.

What is LEAN thinking?

LEAN started out as a way of increasing efficiency and reducing waste in manufacture at the Toyota company. It has developed to become a powerful business tool encompassing many different ways of using efficient methods to achieve things in different stages of development in innovation projects. Put simply, an early stage business has less to spare in terms of resources and must maximise these resources, not wasting anything. LEAN is a useful tool for innovators, investors and leaders.

Leadership and balance

Leading a project, taking the entrepreneurial role in a startup or managing a business through growth stages; all these scenarios need a mix of skills and experience that help a leader to form a balanced view and engender balance and harmony in teams and organisations through balanced decision making.

Funding for innovative development

Working with numerous funding providers gives us an insight into how projects come to be successfully funded and which ideas are attractive to private investors too. To have a project attract funding, either private or public is a big step for many innovators. A lot of work can go into an application and this work is not always focussed effectively. Limited resources in early stage businesses and start ups should not be wasted on bid after bid without maximising the chances of success.


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