HJIS Distance Learning

Distance Learning Plan

We are proud at Horizon Japan International School to deliver our high-quality education and fulfill our mission and vision. We are also proud that we be able to do so under exceptional circumstances that may require partial or full campus closure. In such circumstances, our commitment is to provide an alternative means of education in the form of Distance Learning. Distance Learning designates the experience students will have when school remains in session but when students are unable to physically attend school because of campus closure. While Distance Learning cannot replicate onsite learning, our teachers can deliver powerful instruction that allows students to meet expected standards in an online environment.

The HJIS Distance Learning experience aligns with our Learning Principles. Our students will be empowered to make choices about how they reach clearly defined learning goals; be engaged in [online] collaboration to solve authentic problems; feel safe to take intellectual risks while persevering through challenges; be supported with modeling, differentiation, specific feedback, and opportunities for reflection and revision; and, will continue to be passionate, intrinsically motivated, and inspired to action.

We believe that the success of our Distance Learning endeavor depends on careful planning by our dedicated faculty, appropriate student motivation and engagement, and strong parent support for this alternative mode of instruction. The result of such learning experiences will expand student academic progress and attend to student social and emotional well-being.

HJIS Distance Learning Team (DLT)

Our Distance Learning Team has been established in order to help our school community resolve technical issues related to our Distance Learning program. This team can answer troubleshooting questions regarding Zoom and can help clarify general questions about Distance Learning. The team consists of teachers across all programs, all academic coordinators, and our technology staff.

In addition to the above resources, we encourage faculty, students, and parents to contact distancelearning@horizon.ac.jp for any tech related question and to expect a response within 24 hours. This email account is managed by our Distance Learning Team.

Please note that any questions regarding class schedules, curriculum outlines, or assessment should go to teachers or IB Coordinators.