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HHS-TV students recently showcased Robotics, Community Service Club, Ms. Doran, Cross Fit Training, and Selfie Contest:

2602A Wins Design Award - 2602H Wins judges award

HHS Hopkinetics 2602A wins the Design Award out of 24 teams at HHS Tournament to qualify for the Southern New England Championships in March. Teams 2602H and 2602A paired up and battled their way into the semi-finals before bowing out with a close score.


HHS-TV students recently interviewed Officer Powers and learned about his background and outlook on community police work. The students also got a peek behind the curtain into the HHS production of Godspell.

CS DIscoveries Hacking their way into Cybersecurity knowledge

CS Discoveries students just completed a unit on cybersecurity, in which each student researched the data breach or "hack" of their choosing, and then presented to the rest of their classmates the details of that breach, as well as cultural and societal implications resulting from that breach. We've also had numerous class discussions on data privacy, encryption, and how to protect one's information.

2602H Wins Design Award

HHS Hopkinetics 2602H wins the Design Award out of 60 teams at North Andover Tournament to qualify for the Southern New England Championships in March. Teams 2602H and 2602A paired up and battled their way into the semi-finals before bowing out with a close score, only losing by 4 autonomous points.

Web Design students using new tools!

Web Design students have been using HTML and CSS to create and style their websites, but have also been exploring pure CSS as a medium for artistic creativity. Using the tool CodePen and a recent tutorial, they were able to create their own abstract piece of artwork using various CSS properties and values.

Honors Engineering Students solve problems for HFD firefighters

HHS Honors Engineering students are engaged in work to solve problems that firefighters face each day. They meet with the fire personel to identify problems and have their solutions reviewed. Engineer Barry Regan of DELL serves as a mentor.

Girl Powered robotics day at HHS

Hopkinton High School Hopkinetics recently hosted a Girl Powered Robotics day which was well attended and included mentors from HPS and Industry. Students had a great time programming, building and laughing with new friends.

BTE Students mentor 2nd graders at Elmwood steam night 2018

HHS Business-Technology-Engineering students Tyler Rhodes, Shishir Sudhaman, Jay Katyan and Tyler Ramsarran mentored hundreds of 2nd graders from Elmwood Elementary who enjoyed their robotics, paper airplane and 3d printing stations.

HHS BPA Students do well at states and advance to Texas nationals

The Hopkinton High School BPA (Business Professionals of America) club recently competed well at States. Nineteen students have advanced to Nationals in Dallas Texas this May where they will compete amongst 6,000 students from around the country. The HHS BPA students excelled in the areas of Marketing, Finance, Video production, Computer modeling, Network design, Interview skills, Speech, and Entrepreneurship. For complete results please visit:

Hopkinetics Team 2602B wins Create award at SNE CHampionship

Hopkinetics Team 2602B recently was recognized at the Southern New England Championships with the Create Award in honor of their unique robot design and game strategy. HHS had six teams amongst the 80 teams from all over New England and performed well throughout the tournament.

Sierra Schlussel honored by National Center Women IN Technology

Creative Business + Marketing Recycle Carnival

The HHS CBM Class held a carnival in the cafeteria. Students at lunch played student built and marketed arcade games for the price of 1 recyclable bottle or can. Lots of fun had while learning about marketing a product.

Hopkinetics win design award at 70 team tournament

The HHS Hopkinetics Honors Team Robotics Class team 2602C were selected as Design Award winners at a tournament that hosted 70 of the best robotics programs from New England. Team 2602C has continued to be recognized for their robot design, team interviews and engineering notebook.

Hopkinetics 2602 E Takes home Championship at 70 team tournament

Team 2602E of HHS battled it out through day. They placed 3rd in Robot Skills rankings, were selected to be on a playoff team where they beat out competitors on the way to becoming Tournament Champions. E is now on their way to the Southern NE Regional Championship in March.

Jerry from EL Harvey visits Business + Marketing to discuss recycling industry

Students in the Creative Business and Marketing course at HHS hosted visiting lecturer Jerry Sloan of EL Harvey of Westborough. He discussed the many facets of the recycling and processing industry as the students prepare for their "Recycling Carnival" to see who has produced the most intriguing system.

Briana and Sam of Whittier Rehab Hospital visit Honors sustainable engineering

Sam (OT) and Briana (PT) of Whittier Rehab visited Honors Sustainable Engineering students to perform design reviews of student designed assistive devices. The students entered their designs in the 2018 Cooper-Hewitt Design Challenge.

Hopkinetics perform well at January tournament

The HHS Hopkinetics Team Robotics Class and Club teams outpaced the competition at their recent event Jan 2018. Team 2602H won the tournament while team 2602C won the Design Award and team 2602B won the Judges Award. The teams are now preparing for an upcoming tournament in Worcester.

Robotics News - 2602C Excellence!

The HHS Hopkinetics Robotics Class and Club recently hosted 36 robotics teams from around New England to participate in a VEX qualifying tournament. Twenty high school teams competed in the VEX VRC division. Hopkinetics team 2602 D performed well and earned the respect of judges winning the Judges Award. Hopkinetics team 2602C did very well overall earning them the Excellence Award which qualifies them for the Southern New England Championship in March.

Robotics News - Champs!

The HHS Hopkinetics Robotics Class and Club recently attended the North Andover tournament and competed amongst 50 teams from all over New England. Five HHS teams made the playoffs at the end of the day. Team 2602H with members Dante, Amelia, Shishir, Devash, Shadman won the tournament and were crowned Champs. This win earned them a qualification spot for the Southern New England Championships this coming spring.

Video of the Action:


The HHS TV Class and Club brings you the latest from HHS. The students have been producing and putting out great news productions for your enjoyment:

Robotics Diversity News

The HHS Hopkinetics Robotics Class and Club recently hosted a "Girl Powered" Day to celebrate the team's efforts to include a diverse group of students at HHS. In recent years we have seen an increase in diversity amongst our members thanks to the awareness of team's need for the variety of skillsets that a diverse makeup brings.

Rube goldberg spring 2017


The BPA club had a very successful trip in Orlando Florida at Nationals. Computer Modeling came in 2nd, Economic Resources took 2nd, Global Marketing got 3rd, News Broadcasting got 4th, Interview skills got 5th, and the Video Team got 6th. Congratulations, way to represent yourselves and Hopkinton well!

Robotics News

This is a glimpse of what happened at the VEX VRC Worlds competition with the Robotics team.

BPA Featured on Page 11

REC Girl's Robotics

This is an article about Girl's Robotics at Hopkinton High School. The girls work to build and operate Robots just the same as any male, and they are some of the limited amount of girls who take place in STEM.

Honors Engineering

The Honors Engineering students at Hopkinton High School work with the Hopkinton Fire Department to solve problems in the their daily work. The students work with engineers from Dell/EMC and the Lemelson MIT program. Students showcase their work to their customers, the Hopkinton Fire Department.

Robotics Featured on HHSTV

A quick look into the world of the Hopkinetics Robotics Teams at HHS.

Rube Goldberg Success

One of the projects in Engineering is the Rube Goldberg project in which groups create a complex machine that completes a simple task. This class was able to complete the task working together!

This is an article about the Robohillers , the Robotics team from Hopkinton middle school who are went to VEX Nationals in Kentucky in 2016. This year, 2017, the High School Robotics team attended the Nationals and had a very successful run.

HMS RoboHillers VEX IQ WOrlds 2016