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The Student Council Pledge

As the Vieja Valley Student Council we pledge to:

  • Raise money to help our school with fun events
  • Make Vieja Valley a better place for the students and teachers
  • Show Vieja Valley spirit
  • Have fun

Water Bottle Sales

After the water bottle sale at the front of the school in February, the Student Council made about $250. This is what the water bottle looks like. You may see your friends with one of them. The bottles are $6 a piece. These reusable bottles are a great substitute instead of those cheap plastic ones.

The next water bottle sale is Thursday, March, 8.

The Pinky Promise Video

During the months of September and October, the trait of kindness was a focus at our school. The Student Council organized the Pinky Promise:

I, _______, pledge to be a true and kind friend always. I will help to make Vieja Valley a happy and peaceful place by using kind words and actions. I promise to treat others the way I want to be treated.