Run a Group

The Women in Motion resources can be used by individuals on their own, in small groups or as a robust multi-faceted women’s recovery ministry.

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Book Study Small Group

A committed group of women that meet weekly to work through the Motion Manual together.

Groups run 1-1.5hrs for 25 weeks.

Each participant must have a copy of the manual. Bulk purchasing discounts are available. Request by email

Guide for running a WIM Book Study

Community Night

A weekly large group gathering that is open to the public and does not require commitment. It features a lesson and from the Life Transformation Manual, mini testimony, commitment ceremony, and issue-specific breakout groups each night. 1.5- 2 hours.

Guide for running a WIM Community Night

General Training

The most important facet of a Women In Motion ministry is the relationships that are formed in it. For that reason, most of our training revolves around that general topic.

We are working on making a video of this training. For now here are the notes and slides.

Relationships Training Notes

Relationship Training Slides