Our Story

Ethan Ng, a 3-year-old local boy and his family live life with the challenges that come with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder [ASD]. Ethan loves to laugh (there is always a smile on his face), he loves to jump, run, play with water, tease his family, and chase his big sister around the house. But Ethan has no voice. While he can communicate by gestures and vocalizations, even a few American Sign Language signs, Ethan is often frustrated by his inability to make himself understood which results in temper tantrums or throwing things.

Ethan has no instincts to tell him to stay near his parents or when something is unsafe; he struggles to sleep more than 60 to 90 minutes at a time during the night and cannot put himself back to sleep; and he is frequently overwhelmed by too much noise or commotion. Ethan’s parents, Margaret and Ed, along with his sister, Emma, age 11, also live with the challenges of caring for Ethan.


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A service dog would be of tremendous help in easing these problems. Through the grace of a service dog: Ethan’s chances at verbal communication would improve by 70 percent; by tethering, walks or trips to the store will no longer be as challenging and safer; should he become lost, the dog will be able to find him; when he has a tantrum, the dog would help calm him; and with a companion to sleep beside Ethan, the whole family will gain a better night’s rest.

The Ng family is only $10,000 away from meeting their goal. To learn more about Ethan and his family or to make a direct campaign contribution, please Donate Today.