THE Hope for ethan foundation

Connecting Children in need with Dogs that Make a Difference

Is your child in need of a Medical Service Dog but you are overwhelmed by the price, vendor selection process, and/or the prospect of fundraising? We can help!

Our mission is to provide access to Medical Service Dogs for families with children that have Diabetes, Glycogen Storage Disease, Seizures, or Autism Spectrum Disorder. We also provide public education, fundraising assistance, and grant endowments.

The majority of companies training Medical Service Dogs in the USA today will not place a dog with a family for a child below 8-12+ years because they rely on the child to be the dog's handler. This does not allow for early intervention or the eventuality of a low-functioning individual. We work with companies that train the parents/primary caregiver to be the dog's handler thus circumventing this issue and allowing for early intervention. Our dogs work in 3-person teams.

Caregivers of children with:

  • Diabetes or Glycogen Storage Disease are alerted to sugar highs and lows with 99% accuracy
  • seizures are alerted to a seizure (and in many cases warned of an impending seizure)
  • Autism get help with safety issues, elopement, tantrums, and self-injurious behavior thus gaining peace of mind

In addition to liaising with service dog trainers we provide public education, fundraising assistance, and grant endowments.

Read on to learn Our Story, who Ethan and Yazzie are, and how we came to call this cause our own.