Spanish Department


“Language learning is never just about words. Language is the medium in which human beings think and by which they express what they have thought. The study of language—any language— is therefore the study of everything that pertains to human nature, as humans understand it. ”

~ Massachusetts Foreign Languages Curriculum Framework pg. 7, 1999


The knowledge of a second language is essential in the increasingly global world of the 21st century. The philosophy of our department is to develop within the student a lifelong ability and desire to communicate with people from other countries and backgrounds. Additionally, we seek to give students the knowledge to become active, thoughtful, and respectful members of a global society. Academic and cognitive development, increased vocabulary, creativity and critical thinking, skills for the global marketplace, and an increased understanding of English are all benefits of learning a second language. Students will learn the culture, structure, vocabulary, and grammar of the language as well as the contexts in which it is used. Their study will be based upon the five guiding principles behind second language acquisition, which are communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities. The content of each course is consistent with the Curriculum Frameworks set forth by the Department of Education of the State of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Foreign Language Association and the National Proficiency Guidelines for Language Learning set forth by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

Spanish is one of the most dominant languages in the world and a rapidly growing language in our country. It is with this knowledge that Hopedale Jr.-Sr. High School has focused on providing each student with a course of study that will facilitate effective and purposeful communication in Spanish. It is also desired that students be able to utilize the intensive study of Spanish as a motivator for both a future study of other languages and a deeper study of Spanish.