Software, Programs, and Tools Available

There are many tools at your disposal to use with the BYOD program. Please see below for a brief introduction of some useful tools and resources. All of these tools are accessible via a web browser for compatibility with all devices and instantly accessible to all teachers in the BYOD program.

Professional development is available for using these tools during after-school trainings, on PD days, and/or by request.

Google Apps (Drive, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Sites)

Every student in the BYOD program will have access to a Google account. This provides them access to Google Drive (cloud-based storage) for storing and accessing files as well as access to the Google Docs platform (similar to Microsoft Office) through web browsers. It allows students to easily collaborate, write papers, take notes, share documents between themselves and to teachers.

Click here for a link to Google Apps.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a portal for you to create, share, and grade assignments as well as share information, send feedback to students and share resources to your classes. With the use of Google Apps and forms you can create homework assignments, quizzes, and automatically grade them quickly and easily.

Click here for a link to Google Classroom.

Click here for resources and how to get started using Google Classroom.

Discovery Education

Discovery Education contains thousands of educational videos in all content areas and grade levels that can align with your lessons. Videos can be searched for by keyword, by common core standards, or by grade level and content type.

You can post videos from Discovery Education directly into your Google Classroom classes for students to watch as a reference for assignments or as a resource for the entire class. Visit to link your Google account to Discovery Education.

Click here for a brief video on how to share Discovery Education Content into your Google Classroom.


Geogebra is a browser based tool used for various interactive graphing applications. There are also many prebuilt materials available for applications in math and science.

It can be used for interactive quizzes, resources, demonstrations, and entire lessons.

You can link your Google Account to Geogebra to directly share Geogebra resources directly into Google Classroom. Click here to view a brief video on how to link your Google Account and then share directly to Google Classroom.

Click here to visit Geogebra.

Here's an example lesson/resource for Algebra.


ActivelyLearn contains thousands of books, textbooks, short stories, poems, etc. with ready-made assignments that can be shared, annotated, commented, and shared. Teachers can make their own library of books and resources to share with classes. Teachers can add questions, notes, media, etc. directly into reading resources to engage students.

ActivelyLearn can be integrated directly with Google and Google Classroom to share resources with your classes. Click here to view a brief video on how to link your Google Account and share a resource to Google Classroom. Students would follow the same method by choosing Student instead of teacher.


DuoLingo is a foreign language learning portal that incorporates questions and interactive gaming exercises. It can be used in the classroom or at home for practicing and homework.

View the video to the right for an example student logging in and using DuoLingo.

To create a classroom as a teacher to invite students to and track their progress in DuoLingo visit

Watch this brief video showing how to link your Google Account and easily send the class invitation to students.