BYOD Guidelines

BYOD is an acronym for Bring your Own Device. For BYOD, a "device" is a privately owned laptop, tablet computing device, netbook, notebook, e-Reader, iPod touch (or similar), or cell/smart phone. For the purposes of this program, the term "device" also includes any similar product owned by Hopedale and provided for student use.

Hopedale Public Schools is pleased to be able to offer our BYOD pilot classroom students access to computer technology, including access to the Internet as well as our Hopedale applications and information technology network.

Pilot students will be able to use their devices to access the internet and network resources through the BYOD wireless network. This network will provide filtered internet access as well as access to some other District systems and resources. Any and all access through the wireless network may be monitored for the purposes of network security and student safety.

The district’s information technology resources, including applications and internet access, are provided for educational purposes. Adherence to the following agreement is necessary for students to participate in the BYOD pilot.

Guidelines and Information:

Suggestions about what device to bring: We believe this depends on the classes students have, the projects on which they are working, and the manner in which each student best works. Teachers will be providing students with direction about what type of device is best. Please visit the Device Specifications page for recommended specifications on devices.

Charging: It is the responsibility of the student to bring their device to school charged. Many teachers will be willing to allow students to charge their devices in their classrooms when they are not being used and a student brings their own charging cord.

1. In order to utilize the Hopedale network (specifically Internet access and related applications) as well as participate in the BYOD instructional program, students and a parent or legal guardian must review and sign the Responsible Use Agreement. This will be considered a legally binding agreement.

2. The student is responsible for the condition of the device brought to school, including updates, antivirus software, repair, loss, damage, or theft of a personally owned device.

3. Personal devices should be charged and recharged outside of school, unless specific permission is granted. Personal devices should be capable of lasting a full day without recharging.

4. Device use in classrooms is limited exclusively to students participating in the BYOD instructional program unless directly differently by their classroom teacher.

5. Students may not use any device or service for non-educational purposes during school hours, unless granted permission by a school administrator or teacher.

6. Students must use the District’s wireless network when at school. Students may not use a cell phone or service provider’s data network (3G, 4G, LTE, etc.) or any other wired or wireless network other than the district's network.

7. Hopedale is not responsible for any data charges that a student may incur from a service provider as a result of not following policy of only using the BYOD network while at school.

8. As part of the BYOD instructional program, teachers will indicate when devices can and cannot be used. Students will observe and follow these procedures at all times while at school.

9. No device, personal or otherwise, may be used to record, store, or transmit any type of image, sound, or video from Hopedale, except for approved projects with the express permission of the teacher.

10. Hopedale Public Schools is not responsible for troubleshooting or assisting with personal device issues and/or software.