Concussion Info

If your son or daughter has experienced a concussion these are the steps all student-athletes need to follow:

1. Notify the school nurse, Athletic Director and your coach ASAP.

2. Download and print the Concussion Report Form below.

Page 1 (Report of Head Injury) - Parents please fill this page out right away to report head injury.

Page 2 (Concussion Education Plan) - Have your physician fill out this page regarding your child's Concussion Education Plan and Athletic Recovery Plan. Return pages 1 and 2 to the school nurse ASAP.

Page 3 (Post-Concussion/Head Injury Medical Clearance) - After child is symptom-free, arrange a follow-up appointment with physician to have them fill out Post-Concussion/Head Injury Medical Clearance Form.

3. Once all three pages/forms are delivered to school nurse then the student-athlete has been medically cleared and is eligible to return to full athletic participation.

Concussion Policies and laws can be found at