Career & Technical Education

What is CTE?

CTE stands for Career and Technical Education. Our goal for Hopatcong's CTE programs is to prepare our students for careers in high demand fields. In order to best prepare our students, each of our CTE programs is made up of the following key components:

A 3-Course Sequence

These three courses all build upon each other to prepare Hopatcong students with the skills and knowledge essential for the career path.


CTSO stands for Career and Technical Student Organization. These are co-curricular clubs that have been approved by the NJ Department of Education. They aim at enriching and extending the Hopatcong CTE curriculum through real-world application and competition.

College Articulation Agreements

For most of Hopatcong's CTE programs, this means that students have the opportunity to earn college credits while taking H.S. classes.

Structured Learning Experiences

Structured Learning Experiences (SLE) are chances for Hopatcong students to see first-hand what it is like to be working in the field. For our students they can be a part of an SLE through an internship or job-shadowing experience.

Third Party Assessments

This is a test intended to assess the Hopatcong students in a way that compares them to other students around the country in similar programs. Often, these assessments are in the form of industry exams that are essential for students entering the career path.


For more information about CTE offerings, how to get your child involved in our programs, or how to be included as a business or college partner, please contact:

Joseph S. Piccirillo, Superintendent of Schools