ELA Department


To prepare our students for college and career readiness, the Hopatcong Borough School District Language Arts Department strives to provide a balanced curriculum that exposes students to many different genres and learning experiences. We understand and embrace the fact that students’ success in all content areas is highly influenced by their reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities.

Our students take ownership of the learning process from the very beginning as they jump in to the workshop model for writing in Kindergarten. Students cycle through narrative, informational, opinion and argument skills through eighth grade. The transition to high school enlists our students in a four year sequential ELA curriculum that explores fiction and non-fiction by authors of different cultures, ethnicities, genders, and time periods in order to sharpen awareness of language arts and how it both influences and is influenced by the world around them.

By the conclusion of a student’s senior year, they will have been exposed to non-fiction and literature from significant works of American, British, and world authors. In addition, they will have had the opportunity to express their interpretation and understanding of texts in multiple forms of rhetoric in traditional writing scenarios as well as authentic experiences through problem-based learning activities.