Check out our kick off movie! Our teachers are just as excited as the students!

Motivate Through the Arts


Art Integration Planning

Art Teacher Jon Rischawy with Project Teachers and Leadership Team


Guest speakers and good times equal great learning opportunities through the arts for our students in Hopatcong!


Actors Work with Students

Students Integrating Language Arts and Performing Arts by Reviewing Script Writing and Skit Performance Rubrics

Students Learn Movement Techniques Through Dance

Students Apply Movement Techniques

to Geometry

Teachers Receive Training in the Recording Studio

Studio Expert George Segale

Works with Students in the Studio

...and there's more!

Students at Work

Preparing and rehearsing Infomercials in the studio!

Design and Packaging

Students prepare the product for the Informercial

Measuring and estimating - calculating and estimating measurements for the product

Rehearsing and recording!

Random Pics from trips and class fun!