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A Structural and Miscellaneous Steel Services Group

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Whether you need it next day or next year we can deliver a cost effective solution for your steel projects. Capture real value by combining our services and take advantage of our innovative technology driven services.

Our Process:

We leverage the latest in construction and fabrication technology and combine it with tried and true project data vetting procedures and document control to ensure the best result. Our process ensures vital project information is transacted to stakeholders by developing a high quality model at the quote, and maintain this model throughout the project life cycle. A consistent starting point for each project participant eliminates re-work and exposes opportunities to eliminate unnecessary cost.

As such we can guarantee at minimum at general savings of 1% in schedule, fabrication and/or raw materials, labor and/or erection. We do this by applying the 1% methodology, meaning that a fixed cost if reduced by 1% has significant impact on a projects financial performance. For more info select the previous link for a brief description of our value proposition.

Client Propositions:


Model based take-off's, conceptual connections and pre-detailing provide the platform that enables fabricators to conduct more accurate take-off's and estimated fabrication time. A component of pre-detailing is the ability to accurately estimate weld lengths, equipment utilization and overall time spent on the shop floor.

Erectors and GC's-

100% US based detailing without the latency of overseas time differences. We can provide take-off models with full reports for estimates, RFI's and approvals. This early stage information stays with the model as the production cycle's initiates which provides the team with a digital, report enabled record of design and schedule information.

Engineering Firms-

At Hoots Enterprises we understand value engineering and are capable of providing sealed submittals to most jurisdictions. Combined with our detailing and fabrication services we can uncover downstream issues early which lends to flawless execution, fast approvals and timely deliveries.

Our Partners: