Google Data Migration

How to Migrate Information from your

HFCS Google Account to a personal Google Account.

As students and staff use the school provided Google Apps accounts more, there's a lot of great work, writing, presentations, and more that graduating seniors and students leaving the district would like to "take with them". Google doesn't yet have a simple way to transfer everything from one account to another, but there are a few easy ways to get the information you want transferred over to a personal Google Account before leaving HFCS.

How to Transfer Google Drive Documents, Contacts, and More

  1. Login to your existing HFCS Google Account
  2. Visit Google Takeout and create an archive of your account data
  3. Download the archive (which may be large depending on how much work is there)
  4. Create a new personal Google Account or login with an existing personal Google Account
  5. All Google Drive archives can be re-uploaded to your personal account, Contacts can be imported to the new account, and other information imported or uploaded to the new account

Google Support/Tutorial on using Takeout

How to video on Takeout

How to Transfer Google Sites

  1. Login to your existing HFCS Google Account and visit the Sites homepage.
  2. For each Google Site you want to transfer, visit the homepage of each site and perform the following:
    • Click the SHARE button in the upper right hand corner of the site.
    • Share the site with your personal Google Account, making sure to select Is Owner when sharing.
    • Copy the web address of the site (found at the top of the Sharing and permissions window you're currently in).
    • Logout of your HFCS Google Account using the menu in the upper right hand corner of the window.
    • Login with your personal Google Account.
    • Paste the web address of the site into the location bar of your web browser.
    • Click the MORE actions drop-down in the upper right hand corner and select Manage Site.
    • Select GENERAL in the 'Site settings' section.
    • Click the COPY this Site link next to 'Site Actions'.
    • Enter a new site name, and click Copy site.