Friends of Honywood

Pre School


‘Friends of Honywood Preschool’ are organising a stall at the ‘Christmas in Coggeshall’ event on 1st December.

They are looking for helpers to help behind the stall for an hour or so.

Please can you speak to a member of staff if you are able to offer some time to help.

This will be the last event organised by FOHPS unless more people volunteer and join the group.

They are a fun group and meet in the local pub. You can offer as much or as little time as you have, even if you can just do half an hour on a stall once a year, that would be much appreciated. Or if you enjoy organizing things, we also need a chairperson and secretary.

FOHPS play a vital role in preschool life, they provide the money for all the lovely extras that make preschool more interesting, exciting and fun.

Please can I take this opportunity to thank all the people who have been involved with FOHPS, past and present.

I would especially like to thank our most recent co-chairpersons, Mandy McLeod and Linda Weston. They have both put in an enormous amount of time and work to organise events such as the annual Preschool Fete, Christmas events and recently the Coggeshall Calendar. The money they have raised has made a huge difference to preschool, making it possible to buy such things as:

Artificial Grass so the children can play out in wet conditions

Ducks/Chickens Eggs to hatch

Leaf Blower to help keep the artificial grass clear and clean

New Water/Sand Tray when ours was very old and tired

New Expanding Safety Gate so we can safely have the door open in very hot weather.

Plus, over the years, many many other things that have enriched the children’s preschool experience.

They truly are a wonderful pair of ladies who have worked tirelessly for the preschool children, (especially considering that both ladies own children left preschool some time ago!), so please can I thank them again, as a preschool leader I will miss them and all their hard work, personally I will miss their friendship and all the good times we have shared. Thank you, ladies.

FOHPS 'Can we make you a friend' form.pdf