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ATTENTION TAs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In case you haven't noticed ...

lessons have been slow and we are sorry for all the delay. The reason is because we have taught you the TA basics, so as a helpful option to you TAs reading this out there we are going to let you ask questions related to TAing and request lessons. These questions can be something you are unsure of to do in a situation or specific TA events. Thanks!

P.S. questions will be answered at the lessons section and every Friday, so stay tuned!

-From, your TA directors Charlotte and Chloe

You'll find resources and tips to improve your skills as a TA and mentor for other students

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And... Q & A Section

Sarah Wei:

Q: How can i be really really fun while being serious?

A: One way you can do both is to start some small conversations during class when the students are coloring or if the teacher is not talking, but also remember to move around sometimes so that the conversation doesn't stretch on too long. And this is from experience, but if you talk to all the kids they become more engaged because everyone else is interested. Another, is the way you talk to the students. For example, when you notice a student needs help, but doesn't want to ask, you can talk to them in different tones and maybe joke around. Still remember to stay related to the topic.

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