By: Julieann Alexander

Huge congratulations to the cast and crew in the musical! You all did an outstanding job!

This weekend, Homer-Center is hosting the annual musical in the J.S. Byers Auditorium. The crew is presenting, Dr. Seuss’s Seussical. Throughout this musical, a little boy named JoJo is learning the struggles of life, and an elephant named Horton is learning to do the right thing.

Mackenzie Arone, a junior, is playing the Cat in the Hat. She guiding the audience into the Jungle of Nool, where we meet Horton. In a recent interview we learned that Mackenzie feels “very prepared, and very excited!”

Emily Marshall, a sophomore, is playing Mrs. Mayor. “I feel really confident in this play. We have new leadership, and it’s a different feel than the past years,” Emily expressed.

Now, of course, the musical is Dr. Seuss, which kids love. But other than the fact that kids like Dr. Seuss, why should parents bring their kids? The answer is that the musical is very fun, bright, and vibrant. There are things for everyone, adults and kids combined. Although it is kid friendly, there are some things that the parents will understand that the kids won’t. The blended dialogue makes things exciting for everyone.

This year, a new director has come to town, Mrs. Lee, a “wonderfully patient woman.” Mrs. Lee has a strong drive which pushes her students to their best, and she loves to be prepared. Preparation is always a great thing for Homer-Center. This year, the sets were built a few weeks before the show and costumes were ready far in advance of the debut performance. Mrs. Lee also has a lot of trust in her students, which also helped the kids do the best they can. When asked about Mrs. Lee’s new management, Arone and Marshall said, “We are beyond thankful.”

Homer-Center’s rendition of Dr. Seuss’s Seussical teaches kids the power of being unique, and the importance of fighting for your beliefs. The show times are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 7 pm. Tickets can be bought in advance in the Homer-Center High School office. We hope to see you there!