Wildcats Celebrate Holiday Season with Giving

By: Julieann Alexander

Tis’ the season, Indiana County! The halls are decked and the festivities have begun at Homer-Center! The Teddy Bear Fund Drive has rolled around for its annual fundraising at Homer-Center. At the high school, we have Penny Wars, Restaurant Days, the Ping Pong Tournament, and club donations. Our faculty also donates and this year they are having a “Cutest Baby Contest”. All of the money raised for the Teddy Bear Fund Drive is given to Indiana Regional Medical Center and Children’s Hospital for free medical care for kids.

Student Council leads the charge for many of these events. “Student Council is a service oriented club. We support the Teddy Bear Fund Drive because affordable healthcare is a necessity, especially for children,” says Lisa Adams, one of the advisors for student council. During Penny Wars, grade levels have their students bring in pennies and loose change to drop in the bin, and whichever grade has the most money raised wins. The Cutest Baby Contest in a new addition this year where the faculty members bring in pictures of themselves as a baby seeking votes from the school to be named the cutest.

Our football coach and math teacher, Greg Page, organizes Restaurant Days. Page’s seventh grade classes bring in homemade food items to sell in his classroom, which is transformed into a restaurant, complete with wait staff and menus. Everyone in the school looks forward to this delicious event each year because the food gets better and better.

The final send-off to Christmas break is the annual Ping Pong tournament, which also raises money for the Teddy Bear Fund Drive. This event consists of students donating one dollar to play ping-pong. Some students enjoy watching instead of playing, so they can donate one dollar to be a spectator at the tournament. Mark Pangonis and Karen Woods, our physical education teachers, plan this event. “Seeing everyone together, in one place, being happy and excited for the holiday and helping others, that’s what it’s all about,” said Pangonis, when asked what his favorite part of the tournament was. The Ping Pong tournament is the true definition of Christmas at Homer-Center.

This time of year at HC is a fun time for everyone because we have an activity for everyone!