What is "HCF"?

By: Garrett Mock

What is the HCF? If you’ve been to any Homer-Center basketball game, most usually the boys, you would have heard the boisterous, entertaining student section aptly named: HCF, or Hard-Core Fans.

The HCF --- dating back to the late 90’s --- was once known as “The Sixth Man,” and is a collective group of students that cheers during basketball games. They have many chants, acts, and stunts that are made to entertain both players and spectators. The group is mainly comprised of underclassmen who are very determined and loyal to the HCF.

“The main purpose of the HCF is to cheer on our student athletes and to get into the other teams heads with our school spirit that we show, and how much we support our players,” said junior Kaleb Kolesar. Kolesar is one of the main organizers of the HCF.

“The support from the HCF is unreal and gives us so much momentum in the game,” said junior basketball player Logan Williams, “and we love to be playing in a loud and crazy atmosphere, especially in one that supports us like the HCF does. Playing in different gyms across the Heritage can’t be compared to how awesome it is to play in the Homer-Dome; the chants and yelling fuels us to go and play with a ‘fire’. We love our HCF and their support!”

The HCF, though, also means a lot to the students, too. “It shows the school spirit of all the fans and our attitude toward the student athletes,” said Kolesar.

The students who are a part of the HCF feel very connected to the school and emit a school pride that is envious. With the loud cheering and fun chants, it’s an experience that anyone can enjoy; they accept all H-C students to join the ranks.

The student section will continue into this basketball season, with the Wildcats off to a strong start this season. With the student section behind them, they wish the Wildcats good luck in their basketball season.