Top Halloween Candies

By: Brooklynn Neal

What’s the best Part of Halloween? The Candy of course! Here is a list of the top Ten Candies you can get your Hands on while Trick-or-Treating!

This Milk Chocolate with crunchy cookie insides makes spot number ten on our list -- Kit-Kat bar.

  • This chocolaty treat with peanut-butter insides is number nine on our list -- Reese’s Cups.
  • These circular fruit flavored sugar candies make it to spot eight on our candy list -- Smarties.
  • This yummy fruity chew makes it to spot seven on our list -- Starbursts.
  • These fruity sugar bits make it to number six on our list -- Nerds.
  • This chocolate covered caramel cookie is number five on our list --Twix.
  • These sour sugar covered gummies make it to number four on our list -- Sour Patch Kids.
  • These chocolate covered malted milk balls are number three -- Whoppers.
  • These yummy fruity bites make spot number two on our list -- Skittles.
  • This chocolate covered chewy snack makes it to number one on our list -- Tootsie Roll.

Video Credit: Jesse Lee

We went and asked some HC students and teachers what candy ranks at the top of their list---check out their responses in this video link.