Behind the Scenes: Mr. Kent

By Takiya Rand

There are many new faces at Homer-Center this year. One of those is our new Spanish teacher, Mr. Kent. We interviewed Senor Kent and got some interesting facts. When asked about his ideal vacation he said, ” Hiking through the mountains of a Spanish speaking country, preferably camping along the way or staying in hotels. I love meeting new people and other travelers to see what brought them to the places that I end up in. Any vacation that I can use Spanish is a good vacation.”

Mr. Kent spends his time on the weekend with his wife and daughter, playing in the yard and going to the playground. In his time outside of school Mr. Kent also enjoys reading Tom Clancy & John Grisham. His first impressions of HC have been very positive, ” I love Homer-Center. The fact that we get fully involved in everything we undertake is great. There are dedicated teachers that go out of their way to provide opportunities for students to apply what they are studying in the real world.” In order to learn more about Mr.Kent personally we hit him with some “This or That" questions.

Interviewer: Dogs or cats?

Mr.Kent: "Dogs."

Interviewer: Vanilla or chocolate?

Mr.Kent: "Chocolate."

Interviewer: Pizza or wings?

Mr.Kent: "Both, please!"

Interviewer: Comedy or Romance?

Mr.Kent: "Comedy."

Interviewer: Fall or Spring?

Mr.Kent: "Fall."

Interviewer: Fiction or Nonfiction?

Mr.Kent: "Fiction."

Interviewer: College or Professional sports?

Mr.Kent: "College."

Interviewer: Cake or ice cream?

Mr.Kent: "Ice Cream."