Behind the Scenes: Mrs. Dunlap

Room 25 has a new face this year, Mrs. Dunlap is behind the desk as a senior high English teacher. She teaches AP Literature, AP Composition, Honors Tenth Grade English, and English 12. Dunlap came to Homer from Bishop Carroll where she taught similar course offerings. We asked her some "This or That Questions" to get to know her better, and welcome her to HC!

Interviewer: Dogs or cats?

Mrs. Dunlap: “Definitely dogs!”

Interviewer: Vanilla or chocolate?

Mrs. Dunlap: “Chocolate - I usually eat chocolate at least once every day.”

Interviewer: Pizza or wings?

Mrs. Dunlap: “Pizza - unless the wings are from Quaker Steak.”

Interviewer: Comedy or Romance?

Mrs. Dunlap: “Comedy.”

Interviewer: Fall or Spring?

Mrs. Dunlap: “Spring.”

Interviewer: Fiction or Nonfiction?

Mrs. Dunlap: “Fiction - reading is my escape from real life.”

Interviewer: College or Professional sports?

Mrs. Dunlap: “College, especially football.”

Interviewer: Cake or ice cream?

Mrs. Dunlap: “Cake.”

Interviewer: Finally, what is your ideal vacation?

Mrs. Dunlap: “Going to a beach without an itinerary for the entire week.”

Interviewer: What do you like to do on the weekends?

Mrs. Dunlap: “Relax and try to catch up on my sleep.”

Interviewer: “Do you have a favorite book or book series?”

Mrs. Dunlap: “Harry Potter - always.”

Interviewer: “What are your thoughts about Homer-Center so far?

Mrs. Dunlap: “There is such a strong sense of community at HC. I think I love that the most.

Everyone has been so friendly. I am thankful to be a part of it.”