Behind the Scenes: Mr. Alsop

By: Michaela Catalano

One of the newest additions to Homer-Center is Mr. Alsop! He teaches Algebra 3, Trigonometry, Geometry and Calculus here at Homer-Center High School. He attended Penns Manor during his elementary and high school years. During this time, he enjoyed playing sports better than everyone else.

Alsop attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania and received a Bachelor Degree in Secondary Mathematics and he is working towards his Masters Degree.

Alsop enjoys playing sports, listening to music, giving homework, riding his antique tractor, hunting, and fishing. “ I really love working here at Homer-Center. I love teaching the students and helping them improve their education,” Alsop stated.

He also answered some “This or that” questions to get to know him personally.

Interviewer: “Chicken or Hamburger?”

Mr. Alsop: “ I’ll take a Cheeseburger!”

Interviewer: “Algebra 3, or Trigonometry?”

Mr. Alsop: “ I like Algebra 3 better.”

Interviewer: “Apple or Samsung?”

Mr. Alsop: “ Apple, for sure!”

Interviewer: “ Christmas or Halloween?”

Mr.Alsop: “ Christmas!”

Interviewer: “ Fall or Winter?”

Mr.Alsop: “Fall.”

Interviewer: “ Xbox or PS4?

Mr. Alsop: “ Xbox.”

Interviewer: “ Nike or Under Armour?”

Mr. Alsop: “ Under Armour!”

Interviewer: “Kitkat or Hershey?”

Mr. Alsop: “ Due to recent events, Hershey.”

Interviewer:” Basketball or Football?”

Mr. Alsop:” Football.”

Interviewer:” Doctor Who or Sherlock?”

Mr.Alsop:” Doctor Who.”