Homer's Heroes

By: Julieann Alexander

Homer-Center is getting very involved in the topic of organ donation. Two of our own teachers, Mrs. Lisa Adams and Mrs. Cindy Scott, are personally affected by CORE, the Center for Organ Recovery and Education.

Scott and Adams have a very unique story. Scott is on the list for a kidney, and since Adams and Scott are good friends, Adams thought about donating her kidney. Mrs. Scott can receive just about any kidney, and Mrs. Adams can just about donate to anyone, but they are not a match. “I was very surprised,” Adams said. Crazy, right? Recently, Homer-Center has received a grant from IU13 for $3,500. Because of this, we can teach our students more about the kind and generous things CORE does.

In a recent interview with Adams, she explained that she is very excited for the upcoming activities that our school is doing with organ donation. The kickoff for these activities was on September 18. A Homer’s Heroes assembly was held introducing organ donation to the students of Homer-Center. When interviewing Scott, she was also enthusiastic about the activities we will be holding for our students. “It’s all about education, it’s all about awareness” Scott said.

Homer-Center has created a Wall of Honor called Homer’s Heroes. This wall calls attention to all the students and faculty that are organ donors in the hopes that we can get more students to sign up. Soon enough, everyone at Homer-Center will want to donate organs to those in need.