HC Academic Teams Prepare for Battle

By: Garrett Mock

Recently at Homer-Center, the Heritage Conference Academic teams have been selected, and now the teams are in full practice mode. Students are going through past classes, old worksheets, and examining old tests to remember everything in their selected subjects. Now, under the pressure of deadlines for the competitions, team members are scrambling to prepare themselves for imminent battle. Several different teachers are in charge of different teams, which usually pertain to the subject they teach.

The current events team, run by Mr. Steven Hall, consists of seniors Stephen Plowcha and Scott Yackubosky, and juniors Tyler Sprankle and Garrett Mock. Most of the members are returning from last year.

“It feels like you’re a part of something important,” said senior Stephen Plowcha, “especially in the academic sense. You get an opportunity to show what you know, and it's fun to compete.”

Following the current events team, the math team consists of seniors Mikayla Dokos and Zach Boyer. Juniors Maggie Arone, Logan Williams, and Tanner Yancy fill the ranks behind the seniors. Mr. Jordan Alsop, one of the newest additions to the Homer-Center staff, runs the team.

Up next, seniors Abby Novak and Drew Hurd are the oldest members of the science team, and are tailed by juniors Katlyn Hippchen, Tyler Dunn, and Zach Zelensky. The science is under the leadership of chemistry teacher, Mrs. Brenda Viazanko.

The impromptu team, a unique competition hosted by Homer-Center, is a team centered around reacting to quotes and current event prompts in a short amount of time. The team consists of senior Nicholas Schmidt, junior Miranda Federinko, sophomore Matthew Lewis, and freshman Emily Marshall. The team is run by Mrs. Deanne Magolis.

“It’s exciting because it puts a focus on public speaking, which we don’t always see in a competitive challenge,” said Mrs. Magolis, “and we get to see our students think outside of the box and challenge them in new ways.”

Finally, the cooking team is more diverse than most teams, consisting of freshman Lauren Walters, sophomore Kathryn Nippes, junior Megan Bozzer, and senior Emma Nippes. Having to compete by cooking against each other, the H-C cooking team is under the leadership of FCS and physical education teacher, Mr. Mark Pangonis.

As the teams get together and begin to practice, the competitions loom over their heads. Finding ample time to practice may be hard, but all five teams will be ready to compete on their respective competition days! Good luck to all Heritage Conference academic teams in their competitions, too!