Heritage Art Show

By: Julieann Alexander

Homer-Center is enriching the art program for students by establishing the Inaugural Heritage Conference Art Exhibit. Homer’s principal Mr. Jody Rainey, who is also the Heritage Conference President, wanted to expand the opportunity of the art students of our conference. “Every student has gifts and talents, and they aren’t all the same. We have amazing artists.”

On February 9, the same night as the Heritage Conference Basketball Championship, our conference will be hosting the first annual art exhibit at the Kovalchik Convention and Athletic Complex. After interviewing Rainey, he explained that when he was instituting this, he asked himself “What are we doing for the kids in the arts?” That is when the idea hit him. “Why not host an art exhibit?”

Each school in our conference can submit at least three works of any kind. The variety of artwork ranges from Illustrations, Paper-Mache, Stained Glass, Paintings, and more! “People can come see our kids’ talents.” said Rainey. “We’re showcasing all of the different gifts our students were blessed with.”

The Heritage Conference was established on athletics, arts, and academics, but people really only emphasize the athletics aspect of it. Last year, 2,700 people came to the Heritage Conference Basketball Championship, so Rainey took that in mind. “Let’s turn this, take the momentum that we have, and do something for the kids.” In addition, the night of the exhibit, there will be a $250 scholarship given to a male a female from each school. The academics are a very important participant in the Heritage Conference.

Homer-Center students, Faith Buggey, Katie Burgess, and Lizzie Barenick will be showcasing their hard work for our school. Faith is doing a Canvas Painting, Katie is doing a Drawing, and Lizzie is doing a Graphite on Drawing Paper. After a recent interview with Lizzie, she said, “At Homer, we have art class and that’s it, so I’m really excited because there aren’t really a lot of chances to display our art in public.”

Homer-Center truly has amazing artists! Come and see some of them at the basketball championship being played that the KCAC on February 9.