Oh My Goodness, It's Coming Tomorrow!

By: Michaela Catalano

Staff member, Loris Huczko, leading the ensemble in song.

Staging rehearsal for the orphans.

Homer-Center High School is proud to present the 2017 Musical, Annie, on December 1, 2, and 3. Our new director, Amber Leitsch, is taking this project very seriously.

Leitsch is a graduate from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, (IUP). She graduated with her Vocal Performance Degree and her Education Degree. She was the music director for the Footplayers and Children’s Choir at IUP.

The process of deciding on producing Annie was very complex. The directors and staff wanted something good for all ages, and roles that could fit the students at Homer-Center. The date of the production is the weekend after Thanksgiving, later than past productions.

“I think it’s awesome that we have fifth graders involved in the production,” Leitsch stated,”I enjoy having a wide variety of ages and having an actual dog participating in the show.”

Leisch hopes to help the cast reach their full potential on stage. “There are new ideas coming to make the musical more enjoyable for both the audience and the cast. We get new ideas during rehearsal and outside of rehearsal. With all the creative minds participating, there should be a funny, enjoyable show for everyone.”

The arts department hopes you come and support this year's musical. The goal is to have a full house every production to make this show a success.