Everything You Need to Know About: The New Career Center

By: Takiya Rand

When was the career center made?

After Ms.Buffone began teaching a new class her office was vacant, so Mrs.Curci wanted to take advantage of that opportunity and make something that would benefit students instead of wasting space. Curci stated, “We thought it would be really nice for the students to have a space that they knew every single thing in there is free for them to take.”

What is it?

“The career center is kinda that one stop shop,” said Curci. This is a place where you can go to speak with a college representative or sign up for a tour.

Why do we need it ?

There is so much information out there that students don't know. The career center was made so we, as students, can go and ask questions about that information. Curci has been giving the juniors and seniors a tour of the career center but anyone grades 7-12 are permitted to use it. “This is where you come when you have questions about college planning or career planning,” said Curci. For more information on what tours or scholarships are available you should listen to announcements and stop by the career center to get all the latest buzz!