Book Review

“Warrior Cats” Review

By: Arianna Ash

With so much snow and slush still here and coming, especially with an extra six more weeks of winter, are you all out of winter activity ideas? Maybe you don’t even like the cold but you have done pretty much everything you can do inside? Either way, I assume that most of us are close to being tired or are already tired of all the snow- but I have a suggestion that may just save you (and your sanity) as you wait out the rest of the winter possibly bored out of your mind. What is my possible remedy of complete and utter boredom? It's simple- Warrior Cats.

Warriors, or ‘Warrior Cats’ as called by most of the fans, is a fantastic book by Erin Hunter (which isn’t a single person). Now, don’t instantly stop reading this if you don’t like to read books- usually I don’t either. I was first introduced to the Warriors series in sixth grade with the Accelerated Reader Program that practically forced us to read books, but when I got to read the first book I was instantly absorbed into it within the first couple pages. The title of the series may have given it away, but I will explain what the idea of ‘Warrior Cats’ is in more detail.

Warriors is all about clans of cats who live in the woods near a suburban neighborhood. There are four basic fraternities (ThunderClan, WindClan, ShadowClan and RiverClan) excluding the clan of former warrior spirits, an older clan that was destroyed, and other different groups that come before or later on in the actual books. These four basic groups band together or fight each other as unique troubles and issues go through the forest, but the entire series is more than just a series of cat fights. There are interesting, unique characters, there are hierarchies in each clan (the characters climb a ranking ladder), they speak to spirits, and the leaders of each fraternity actually have nine lives. Overall, the series of books are great for everyone, not just cat lovers, and are very enjoyable. They urge the reader to read on and it doesn’t take long to get into the action.

If you are interested, then there is even more. The books have a couple for each generation of the clans, and they even have the point of view by different characters. There are separate books, such as super editions and side books, and even a website dedicated to the series that gives even more story and lore to the fans. There are also new books of the series that are published by Erin Hunter every so often. If you simply aren’t interested, that’s understandable too. There are other similar series about other animals by Erin Hunter that you may be interested in, such as Survivors, which is about dogs, and Seekers, which is about bears. Overall, Warriors is a masterpiece that nearly everyone will love.